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Andrew and Maia

When I returned from studying with a traditional healer in Ireland, what I missed most was the herb room. This room, an overgrown closet really, was full of scents and colors and textures. We stored dried herbs, medicinal tinctures, essential oils, plus any special products we’d made or acquired like soaps or bath salts.

Herbiary’s first location wasn’t much bigger than that Irish herb room. Now, over a decade later, my partner Andrew and I have 2 shops— one in Philadelphia at the Reading Terminal Market and the other in Asheville, North Carolina. Come visit!

While on the surface Herbiary is a neighborhood apothecary serving an international crowd, it’s secret mission is to make you fall in love. Because when you fall in love with the plant world, you step into deep respect for the non-human inhabitants of this planet and I think we humans need a bit of that.

Walking in and immersing myself in the incredible scents and colors of Herbiary is medicine for my soul… and our customer’s say the same thing. Visit with us in person if you can or get a beautiful package delivered by ordering at www.herbiary.com.

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