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Frequently Asked Questions

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What advice would Maia give to people just beginning their journey into the magical and mystical?

Trust yourself.

While the work appears to be outward facing, ultimately, it’s inward facing. In order to be a clear channel for energy, you have to keep clearing your own energies, including your feelings and thoughts. This essentially makes walking a mystical path quite similar to working with a Jungian therapist. When you get to know yourself and your own inner-worlds of thought and emotion intimately, you’ll begin to trust yourself and your own intuition.

What books do you suggest for those beginning a magical path?

Ruminating on a ritual and letting it percolate within you begins to energize your ideas. So Maia focuses on books which activate intuition and creativity rather than books on craft, ritual, or spells.

The books below had an impact at the beginning of Maia’s journey. They didn’t tell her what to do necessarily, but they got her thinking in new directions. Note that these are all older books and haven’t been revisited lately to see how they hold up to modern sensibilities!


  • The Twelve Wild Swans by Starhawk
  • Drawing Down the Moon by Margot Adler
  • Herbal Rituals by Judith Berger
  • The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron
  • Barefoot on Holy Ground by Gloria Karpinski
  • Owning Your Own Shadow by Robert Johnson
  • Story by Robert McKee
How did you end up an apprentice to a traditional healer in Ireland?

To listen to Maia’s story of how she found her teacher in Ireland, skip to the 23 minute mark in the episode of Medicine Stories below.

Will there be a Crystallary or Companion Collectible Box Set?

This is a publisher’s decision and as of now Storey Publishing is not planning on it.

What’s the best way to get updates and hear about Maia's new books & programs?

Sign up for Unkempt, Maia’s newsletter!

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Does Maia offer workshops or retreats?

She does! Sign up for Maia’s newsletter, Unkempt, to be the first to know when she announces a new event. Alternately, you can check back on the website under the Events tab, which is kept up-to-date.

Is Maia going to be running Witch Camp, courses, or programs again?

Maia is focused primarily on writing books (and keeping up with Unkempt!). Paid subscribers to Unkempt have access to The Mystic Files where Maia’s team posts curated deep dives into her past programs and teachings.

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Who do I contact for books rights and media inquiries?
For book rights & media for Letting Magic In, Daily Magic Deck, Everyday Magic journal, Mystical Journaling Kit, The Night School book, Notes for the Night journal, and The Night School Moonlit Magic Deck, please contact

For book rights & media for the Wild Wisdom Series (The Illustrated Herbiary, Bestiary, Crystallary, Wild Wisdom Companion, decks, puzzles, and calendar), please contact

How can I collaborate with Maia on a project or social media giveaway?
Email a detailed description of your idea/event to
How can I get Maia to speak at my event, bookstore, or shop?

Email details to


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