writing retreats

Come write with me!

What would it feel like to give yourself a few focused days for writing? What could you create if the distractions were stripped away?

Let the forest renew your spirit so you can reconnect with your truest work. Become a little less stuck and a lot more clear. Rediscover— or simply take a long swim in— the well of your own creativity.

These mountains are magic. They sing to me and I know they will serenade you!

You’ll have a sweet studio in the woods where you can let your mind ramble and your words flow. Walk the labyrinth, splash in the creek, or hike up to the ridge when you need a pause.

We’ll chat before your retreat to make sure I’m supporting you in the ways that are most helpful to you.

Want to bring a writing buddy or two? Perfect! The studio has a long table where multiple writers can set up to work.

Drop me a note at maia@maiatoll.com and we’ll begin the planning.


Where are retreats held?

Retreats are held at my home outside of Asheville, NC. The land here is magical and retreats help fund restoration and preservation of this very special property.

What are the overnight accomodations?

Peoples’ definition of “comfort” varies greatly. Luckily Asheville has a wide variety of accommodations, so whether “comfort” is a cabin in the woods or a luxe hotel, when you book your own accommodations, you’ll be able to find exactly the space that will nurture your creative spirit!

What's the cost and length of a writing retreat?
To really be able to let yourself relax into the space, the retreat has a three day minimum.
The starting price for a solo experience is $260/day and $600/day for a mentored experience.
Email me at maia@maiatoll.com for more details.
What will I learn?

This isn’t a writing workshop. Instead you’ll be gifting yourself spacious time to actually work on your project.

Since writers’ needs vary greatly, we’ll converse before hand about how I can support your personal process. Some people need accountability, others need an opportunity to read pages aloud. Some need a critique and some just need blessed, uninterrupted quiet. This is your time.

Don’t have a process yet? No problem! We’ll start your first day with a chat to figure out how you can get the most from your writing time.

How far along as a writer do I need to be to schedule a writing retreat with you?
Let’s chat! It all depends on what you’re looking for.