Sometimes you feel her 

stirring within you 

whispering the secrets 

of the dark wood 

and the long night.

Other times she's quiet and you feel an emptiness where her light once lived.

You wonder... was that vision you had of yourself as powerful and wise and tapped-in a mere figment of your imagination? Is she gone dormant or gone forever?  

You feel relief and despair in equal measures. Relief because maybe you’re “normal.” And despair because maybe you’re “normal.” The world, meanwhile, treats you the same either way.  

You wonder if other women are harboring an inner-witch, a wick waiting to be lit. You feel like a bit of an outcast, furtively researching arcana, reading up on Goddesses, secretly drawing oracle cards. And in the busy-ness of meetings, emails, making dinner, and keeping up appearances, your fear of both fitting in and not fitting in grows ‘til it obscures the doorway to your inner wisdom.  

"Witch Camp is the best thing that ever happened to my mornings… Warning! Side effects include feeling centered, calm, and sometimes super-focused!"

Nell Schroer, Savannah GA 

Perhaps the word witch takes you by surprise. It might even make you a little uncomfortable. If you’re like me, you might identify yourself as a traveler, an intellectual, a poet, a foodie, a folklorist or anthropologist, an adventurer... but never a witch.  

This is where I challenge you to see beyond the pointy hats, the love spells, and the fluff n’ stuff of witchery subsuming social media. 

This is when I ask you: What if witch was actually ancient and wise and deeply in sync? What if... a witch is simply a woman who knows herself and how to dance with the cycle of the seasons

What if…  

A witch is a woman who understands that Medicine, in the oldest sense of the word, has to do with healing the spirit. It has to do with deepening your roots and learning to move through the world with a profound sense of self-trust.  


 There is a witch inside of you. 

Are you ready to meet her?

Witch Camp is a 23-day immersive study...

...firmly grounded in the history, practice, and power of witchery, teaching you basic building blocks to help get you into the flow of your unique cycles as you dance through the seasons of the year.  

Witch Camp begins on October 21, 2017. Our closing ceremony is November 12, 2017.

This re-envisioned Witch Camp is set up so you can sink deep into the language of the mystic. Plan on 30 minutes for lessons Monday through Saturday and 90 minutes for our recorded webinars on Sundays.

"A 5 -minute getaway, a rainy day binge, a resource for my heart, my hands, and my mind, a reminder that there are LOTS of other witches like me out there!"

Paula Billig, North Wales PA


- 4 Live Webinars to connect, learn, and get your questions answered  

- 18 Comprehensive Lessons delivered daily: plan on 20-30 minutes 

- A Witchy Basics Booklet (downloadable pdf) for easy perusing 

- A Witch Campfire Facebook Group for sharing sisterhood & starlight

Earth & Sky  

Learn the language of Earth & Sky, the Wheel of the Year, and the cycles of the moon so you can sink deep into natural rhythms and find your own flow.  

Lunar Astrology will help you unearth your feminine and remember the hidden patterns of the universe.


Learn tools to enhance your intuition (or discover it if you haven't already!), including oracle cards and dowsing, so that you can make decisions quickly and comfortably.  

One you learn to trust your inner-voice to become more grounded and rooted, the tough times will feel a little less daunting.  


Learn to feel whole again within a community of like-minded women experimenting with what works for them.  

You'll find your way not by listening to someone tell you how to be magical and in-tune with the natural world, but though hands-on learning and practice with the support of a deeply grounded sisterhood.

Medicine Kingdoms 

Learn the key to understanding the ancient use of the word "medicine" and to delve into the 3 Medicine Kingdoms—animal, vegetable, mineral—so that you can find your own Medicine and heal your own soul.

Sacred Space

Learn the Four Elements so you can cast a circle to create and contain sacred space.  

You'll clear and cleanse your energy as well as the energy around you and begin using an altar to focus your intentions.

Book of Shadows 

Learn to write your own Book of Shadows, 'cause, news-flash: you can't buy it on Amazon! You can only live it and record it. It's your shadow-story. It's your take on living in-sync with the seasons and experiencing their magic... and your own.

For more specific details on what you'll learn, click here.

I give you tools, histories, and traditions, and most importantly the permission to find your way, not mine... not hers... not that other gal's. 


Welcome yourself home. Welcome to Witch Camp.

"I am deeply touched by all that this community has shared. I am inspired by the rich work you have all done. I walk into this dark night with love & gratitude in my heart. I walk into this new year with a deep commitment to grow the life I want, little by little." Kim Kaplan, Philadelphia PA 

Remember SISTERHOOD when you feel alone.

Empower your INTUITION in a world that loves logic.  

Sense BELONGING to the cycles of the seasons.  

Reconnect with YOURSELF in the busy-ness of your life.  


About a decade ago, I spent a year apprenticed to a wise and witchy herb woman in Ireland. It was beautiful and terrible, drenched in history and intuition and everyday magic.  

And it fed a corrosive longing which had been gnawing at my soul my whole life.  

Over time I started teaching what I had learned. I called it “herbalism,” but it was more; it was deeper.

This restorative, mysterious thing I taught (and still teach)—this thing that has no name—builds communities, salvages souls, and brings deep comfort, roots, and connection. It heals wounds that we don’t even know need mending.  

This way of being is not something that can be learned through a hard-core weekend, accompanied by drumming and vegan food. It is a compilation of small life lessons learned by everyday people in the midst of their everyday lives. There is no “one huge revelation.” In fact, sometimes it all seems so benign—hardly mystical at all—until the epiphanies come.  

But those epiphanies! They’ll lay you flat and raise you up. They’ll change how you see yourself and the world.  

But they only come if you dare to take action: dance in the moonlight, share a story, try a new food, be bold enough to chat up some local greenery.  

This is not a path for the passive. 

This is a path of daily (or somewhat daily!) practice. It’s about doing and being. 

I can’t fail to mention, both as inspiration and warning: my students tell me that from the minute they sign on to work with me, things start shifting.  

"Witch Camp is a great way to learn more about that which connects us all, in whatever pace or fashion works best for you. I highly recommend." Ashley Williams, Atlanta GA

I have two very special opportunities for you...

BONUS #1  

Sign up by midnight on October 14th...

...to join me on a live webinar with Bryon Ballard. Byron's family has been witching in the Appalachian Mountains for generations. This woman knows everything!

Byron will share stories, teach you about land spirits and the best methods for warding your space, and captivate you with her depth of knowing.

Countdown for Bonus #1: 



WITCH OR PRIESTESS? Explore your archetype!

My dear friend, Kimberly Moore, has agreed to offer a Priestess Camp back-to-back with Witch Camp.  

Kimberly and I have noticed that we call on the same energies in completely different ways. We use different language to land in a place where we're completely in-sync. We dive deep into myth and giggle about how gorgeous and mysterious and magical life is.  

We want you to join this conversation, this dance between Earth and Sky. 

Don't miss this rare opportunity to dive deep into the magic!

A Priestess can be many things... Witch, Shaman, Yogini, Medicine Keeper, Prophetess, Mystic, Wise Woman, but in all things she is a guide, a vessel of ancient myths and stories, and a creatrix of modern sacred practices.  

Beginning November 18, 2017 and ending on December 10, 2017, Priestess Camp includes:  

 ◈ Priestess Welcome Pack  

  4 Live Webinars with Kimberly  

  Daily Priestess Practices

  Energy Work 101  

 ◈ Astral Plane and Protection Practices

This dual camp combo is the perfect two-pack for beginners looking to understand all the lingo (so you can figure out what actually resonates with your soul) and for more experienced practitioners ready to understand how the puzzle pieces come together. 


Join us to reunite these energies and dive into the mysteries of both. Your investment for the Witch Camp/Priestess Camp Combo Pack is $298.


"What was I looking for in Witch Camp? I’m not sure. But I know I find it every time I connect with this amazing community."

Linda West, Salem OR  


Is Witch Camp a Wiccan group?

Nope. I know Wiccans use the word, but witch predates Wicca.

Are men allowed to join Witch Camp?

Absolutely. What I teach is wisdom that's traveled down to us along the female lines. Whoever you are, if you're comfortable with this lineage, you're most welcome!

What if I can't be there for a webinar? Are they recorded?

The webinars are recorded and the replays are almost immediately available.

How long do I have access to the material?

We can promise access for a year (and probably more!), but we can't guarantee technology. 

What's your refund policy?

We want you to love Witch Camp! If it's not for you, let us know by midnight on October 23, 2017, after which time there are no refunds. 

Do I need supplies?

You'll want to have sage, a clear quartz crystal (any size), and oracle/tarot cards. You might also like to have a candle, a few of your favorite essential oils, and a We'moon datebook for 2018.

What will I be learning?

© Maia Toll 2017