Witch Camp Community


A cup of tea, a kick in the ass,

joy, laughter, witch-light...

and friends who'll remind you

who you are

& who you want to be.

Make time for the sweetness of living deeply connected

with the earth, with the elements, and with your self.

Come together with a community of like minded souls, laugh a bit, reflect a bit, come back into alignment.

Remember your essential self so you can bring that self, that presence, back to your daily life.

You're in the right place. 

Witch Camp is a membership group for women ready to dive in, be proactive, share, and support each other. Even if you’re spiritually solitary or simply exploring the mystic, you don’t have to go it alone.


Why “Witch”?

Somehow this word is both silly and primal. It evokes cartoons and conflagrations.

But it's also a magical word. Witch does something no other word does: it bridges body, spirit, and the mysteries of the feminine divine.

Why a membership group?

Because trying to be your wild, witchy, wonderful self while working as a pharmaceutical sales rep and racing to get the kids from ballet to tennis practice is a tall order.

You need a tribe (or a bunk!) to remind you who you are deep in your heart. You need people who see the world the way you do, who spread lavender on your burn-out and light sweetgrass to soothe your soul.

Leave behind alone and solitary, cynical and out-of-sync. Come refuel, regroup, re-gather, and remember your sacred self.

The Witch Camp Community is not a class...

... it’s a gathering, a virtual potluck, a sisterhood slumber party. All of us exploring and expanding together.

Join us for:

  • more intentional daily living.
  • more exploration of your intuition & joyful ways of enhancing it.
  • more mindfulness around the cycles of the moons & the seasons. 


Ready for a little everyday magic?

If this sounds inspirational, embracing, and a wee bit magical, join me for some serious sisterhood as we dive deep, laugh loud, and bring the magic back into everyday life.

Your membership includes:

  • Monthly New Moon Gatherings: The New Moon is our time to regroup, gather in our energy, and step into the energy of the month to come. Our community gathers virtually to support each other, realign, have a few belly laughs and a couple of epiphanies.
  • Access to our private community, where you can share everyday experiments in mindful living, your herby discoveries, the strange thing your tarot deck told you, your aversion to full moons in Leo... and anything else that sparks your soul!  This is the place where we get to celebrate our shared journey and plan future expeditions into the eclectic unknown.
  • Ritual & Writing: gentle exercises to help you remember yourself throughout the busy month.
  • PLUS monthly access to The Witch Camp Workbook, a gorgeous, interactive guide to the month which gives you suggestions for self-care, seasonal teachings, a little herb-craft and yummy recipes.

Is your heart whispering “yes”?

My heart loves when that happens. Let’s let our hearts whisper together.

Right now experienced Witch Campers are bouncing on the mattresses & making sure the campfire doesn't smoke.

We can't wait to have you join us! Sign-up so we can get you in ASAP.

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