I have a confession:

For the past few weeks, I have been crying most mornings at breakfast.

We just moved to a new house.  The house next door has four dogs that start barking at 5:15 am.

Without good sleep, I’m pretty miserable.

Two nights ago Andrew and I came home after a nasty conversation with our neighbor about pre-dawn barking.

Andrew had gotten shouted down for requesting a morning reprieve and I was despairing of ever being able to live here in peace.

On a whim I said “Let’s sage the property line.”

Why sage?

Smudging (the technical term) with white sage (Salvia apiana) is way of clearing negative energy.

What’s negative energy?  It is the residual feelings that remain after an argument, the lingering fear after your house gets robbed, tension with your boss, the crick in your neck after being stuck in traffic….

You get the picture.

Smudging does for your energy field what hitting the reset button does for your computer.  When my computer acts up, Andrew always tells me to reboot it.  This clears up the issue 90% of the time even if I didn’t know what the issue was.  Same with smudging.

Smudging gives you a clean slate, a way to start again.

It’s simple to do.  Take either a sage bundle (those cool looking things in the glass jars on the check-out counter at both our shops) or a loose piece of sage (which you buy by the bag).  Light it, then tamp out the actual flame so the leaves are smoldering and smoking.

It is the smoke that you are going to use to clear away any negativity.  Think of it as clearing the air.  Be sure to set clear intentions in your mind (and don’t let your mind wander off!) for clearing anything that is not serving and is not for the highest good of all involved.

Andrew and I saged the entire shared property line.  Then we walked the boundaries and saged those too.  We did the front steps, the doors, the fence, and each other.

I didn’t cry at breakfast the next day.  And somehow, despite the dogs, and the reactionary neighbor, and the traffic, and the noise, i think I can make this house a home.

Let’s clear away the old and making space for new energy!  Join me here for:

  •  How to smudge yourself.
  •  How to smudge your house.
  •  Other ways to tap into the energetic potential of the plant kingdom.

All coming this week!