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…right now.

Don’t ignore that part: right now. Today.

Students and clients are always hoping for the forever answer.

So, if I never eat gluten again, my stomach will always be fine?


No need to revisit the herbs in my tea. They still work great! Oh, this post nasal drip? Yeah, I don’t know where that came from.


I love yoga! It only takes out my back a few times a year and usually only if I take Suzy’s afternoon class.

Sometimes something works super-well for a time… and then it doesn’t.

The trick is to know when to say goodbye. And this holds for food and exercise choices, jobs, relationships… it’s all about discernment. (The best way to become discerning fast? Heal your relationship with your intuition. That’s what we do in Witch Camp).

Sometimes you’ll be able to track back and see what’s causing the shift within you, other times it will remain a mystery. Our bodies and psyches are complex. Every time I get a migraine and witness the change in my personality that goes along with it, I’m reminded that, amongst other things, we are chemically-based creatures.

Big swings in your inner chemistry can change everything from your optimism to what activities you enjoy to what foods you want to eat. Think about it: these are things we usually think of as part of our personality.

But any kid in puberty or newly pregnant woman knows without a doubt that chemistry and personality are not so different from each other. And that’s only part of the picture.

We grow, we age, we change our minds… and things within us change. Which means we have to allow the things around us to change too.

The most important thing to remember? You’re not being disloyal to your yoga teacher, or your tea blend, or your family “who have all bent over backwards to help you go gluten-free” if you realize that it’s time to make a change.

(Pause. Think about this in a broader context: do you avoid necessary changes because you don’t want to inconvenience the folks around you? And then maybe you get waspish and resentful? Unpause.)

So here’s what’s working today. I reserve the right to change it up when need be!

  • Breaking Out of the Exercise Box:  I’ve never been a gym kinda gal and jogging is not my thing. Finding movement that feeds my soul as well as my body has been a challenge. As a teen I was a horseback rider. Between riding and mucking stalls, I stayed pretty fit. Through my 20s and 30s I kept trying to walk back through that door even though, for some reason, it had closed. Finally this year I found a few things that are really working for me: jumping on my big outdoor trampoline and archery. Got the legs, the arms, the cardio. Yes!
  • Bullet-Proof Coffee: Too trendy! But it’s working for me. I don’t do the whole diet, just the coffee. Why? The MCT oil has recharged my brain in a way that nothing else did. Lost fewer words in the last 6 months then the last 6 years combined (and that’s a huge relief!). The coffee helps me digest the fat and the fat keeps the caffeine from feeling too harsh.
  • Standing Up: Another trend. I got a standing desk. Actually mine goes up and down. Wrote the first half of this standing and now I’m sitting. There is a lot of writing going on in my life right now and will be for the foreseeable future. This desk lets me get into a groove and not get stuck.
  • Purple Toenail Polish: I tend to avoid polish for lots of reasons but this summer I went purple. I needed it to balance the silvering of my hair. The emotional lift I got from a bit of purple polish? Worth it!
  • The Cowboy Hat: Got it this summer the day after the purple polish. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.
  • Sanctuary: My “office” is almost done (I’ll do a little video tour once it is). “Office” is in quotes because it’s really my sanctuary. It’s full of reminders of me being my best me, plus my personal sacred stuff. My work falls into this category most of the time! Most of all it’s my space to step out, step away, and surround myself in silence. There aren’t even mechanicals out here (which will be interesting in the winter!).
  • Circling back: I’ve been re-reading old journals from Ireland as I get ready for both Witch Camp and the live retreat, remembering who I was before I walked this path… which is who many of my Witch Campers are now. It is so insanely beautiful to step back in to that energy, that time. An incredible blessing.

Now, it’s your turn! Tell me what’s working for you… right now.

Big hugs—







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