Lessons, we all know, come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and anything (or anyone!) can be a teacher.

We are all connected to each other and everything else in the universe. And because of that, we can learn from anyone and anything…

Even bacon.

Bacon is, as we all know, made from pork.

If you, like me, grew up in a traditional Jewish household, there was no pork, thus no bacon. Don’t get me wrong; there was plenty of bacon at the diner on Sunday (we weren’t that Jewish) but my parents’ rule was no pork or shellfish in the house.

So my sister ate pepperoni pizza at the parlor and plain at home. I didn’t have my first taste of lobster ’til I was in my twenties and decided to remedy what I saw as an obvious hole in my culinary education.

So unlike people who grew up with parents cooking bacon, unlike people who learned the fine art of crispy-and-still-chewy by osmosis, I had to teach myself the ways of bacon.

I’m still, in fact, teaching myself the magic of bacon. High heat for a short time or low heat for long? Blot off all the grease or leave some of it on (which seems to increase the crisp as it cools)?

Last week, as I gently blotted perfectly-crisped bacon with a paper towel, being careful to leave a smidge of grease, it occurred to me that I would never be a native speaker of bacon, that it would always be a second or even third language, learned later in life and through trial and error.

In that moment, I realized how many things in life are just like bacon… and how, despite differences in family of origin and upbringing, we are all connected to one another.



Nurture separates us from each other even if by nature we are remarkably similar. Family of origin, religion, ethnicity, where we were born and to which generation… and each of these factors creates an intensely personal experience of life.

But that individual experience of life can be transcended by curiosity, by openness, by injecting a sense of humor and cosmic scale into our daily doings so we can remember that we are all born under the same sky, that we are all one.

Since I can’t recreate this summer’s eclipse to give us all a taste of the infinite as a reminder of how we are all connected, I’m hooking you up with:

  • a little video (below)
  • a lovely mandala to color in; coloring can still your mind and connect you with your own inner-infinite. Give it a try!

We are so much more than how we were raised, what we learned in school, and whether or not we’ve mastered the art of bacon.

The trick is to remain curious beyond the bounds of what you think you know or believe. Click To Tweet

If we can hold this mystery in our mind’s eye as we gaze into the sky above, we can remember that this intricate dance of chemistry and magic is occurring in each and every one of us all the time.

And then maybe (just maybe) we can begin to see how we are all one and to live namaste every day (and not just for 2 minutes after yoga class): the divine in me sees the divine in you.