I have a confession:

I’ve literally stood in the kitchen, a mess of spilled yogurt on the floor, running calculations through my mind on the most environmentally-friendly way to clean up: a rag (cloth manufacturing is one of the dirtiest industries, but this piece of fabric already served time as pajamas, which might sway the equation somewhat); mopping it up with water (we were in a drought at the time); or paper towels (made from 50% recycled paper. One ton of recycled paper apparently saves 17 trees).

How do I even know this stuff?

There’s soooo much information in the world.

Too much, really.

Admit it: you’ve spent countless hours researching the price of airline tickets and used time which could have been spent playing with your dogs or your kids or your art supplies to figure out exactly which mobile phone to buy when your current plan expires (not to mention the time spent researching the plan itself!).

All these decisions, and the endless information available for each, can suck the time and the joy out of life… and may not even lead to a making a choice which makes you happy.

What I’ve realized: finding “the best” product doesn’t necessarily mean it’s best for you or your life.

A few years back, when I needed to be doing some serious juicing for health reasons, I went down the rabbit hole researching juicers. After reading countless articles, blogs, and online debates, I chose a masticating juicer since it seemed to preserve the most nutrients. Then I spent yet more time finding the best price, ’cause heaven forbid I pay an extra $10.

A dozen hours of research later, I had my new juicer. Which required me to cut everything into 1” squares before feeding it through the tiny juicing chute.

It took an hour and a half to make my first batch of juice. With experience I got it down to just under an hour not including the 20 minutes it took to clean the thing.

Needless to say, as soon as that health issue was past, so was the juicer.

Three years later, I wanted to juice again…

…and I couldn’t bear the thought of another trip down research lane.

So I did something wild and crazy:

I went to the store and chose a juicer which looked easy to use and easy to clean.

Lo and behold, I use it all the time. Heck, I even bake bread and weird little veggie “meatballs” from the leftover pulp (who has time for that after juicing for an hour?).

Nope, my new juicer is not the top-of-the-line-most-nutritious-juicer in the entire world. But I figure whatever nutrients are lost by not having the perfect juicer are compensated for by the lack of stress hormones running through my body every time I think of juicing.

By the way, the yogurt spill? I went with paper towels because I realized the rag would need to be washed and there was that drought to consider. I’m sure we could debate this decision for another few hours but the sun is warming my back deck and I was thinking it would be fun to see if pears, green apples, and chickweed juice well together. Oh! And I have a batch of lemons I want to preserve. And a book to finish…

…Stepping away from the computer now.

(But I’ll stop back and read your comments on information paralysis and moving beyond it.)

Big hugs,

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