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Every year at this time folks come into Herbiary ready to cleanse.

They are pumped full of spring’s rising energy and ready to power through an intense, cleansing protocol that will scrub their colon, pump their gallbladder, and remove every last toxin from their liver.

They ask the staff what I recommend…

… and they are terribly disappointed when they hear that I don’t believe in that stuff.

I know, I know, all the big health gurus say cleanse, cleanse, cleanse.

I say:


I say:

“Detox your life.”

Sounds like a big job, huh?

Luckily it’s a big job made up of lots of small, easy steps.

And you don’t have to be perfect about it.

According to Daphne Miller, M.D., in The Jungle Effect, six weeks of simplified eating each year results in lower cholesterol and lower weight gain for the entirety of the year.

Six weeks per year is one long-weekend per month.

I’m thinking: let’s do this!

I know you want to feel grounded and centered and connected. This is an easy way to get rid of the detritus that is weighing you down and keeping you from being your best, brightest, shiniest self.

(Can you tell I’ve been thinking about this?)

I’ve done the thinking so you don’t have to. Join me for my FREE 21 Day Daily Detox. Each day I’ll send you a super simple suggestion to Detox your Life: body, mind and spirit. Just follow along!

Want to see how easy it will be?

Suggestions will look like this:

This week: add water.

How much?

Take your weight in pounds and divide by 2. That is the number of ounces of water you need per day. Then add a little lemon, or apple cider vinegar, or a pinch of mineral salt to increase your absorption.

Leave a comment below and let me know how it feels to be hydrated!

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