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Yes, that is the problem with pollen.  But remember when this pesky stuff lodges in your mucus membranes that, without pollen, life as we know it would come to a grinding halt.

The pollen count has been high this year and there has been lots of sneezing round our house.  In the middle of a full blown allergy attack, its hard to remember the flowers. When our eyes and nose are running and we can’t draw in a breath without sneezing, we’re just trying to remember what the heck we did last year to make it stop!

We all have our favorite go-to ingestibles for allergies whether they be herbal, homeopathic, or pharmaceutical.  What is often forgotten is the simpler solution– get the pollen out of your mucus membranes!

Pollen will continue to sit in your nose and irritate you if you don’t get rid of it.  The neti pot is a great solution for cleaning the sinus cavity.  If you don’t have a neti pot, snort water.  No its not pretty, put it really works.

If you’ve been outside, you may want to shower before bed so you don’t get pollen on your pillowcase.  And remember not to rub your blood shot eyes with your pollen dusted hand.  A cool compress of rose tea or calendula tea will be much more soothing.