The Night School
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There's something about the night. 

The world gets quiet,

and your ability to hear your intuition sharpens.



Finally, a school that understands your fascination with both light and shadow... a school to help you deepen the knowledge within yourself instead of giving you a book of rules to follow... a school that teaches magic and myth without ignoring the reality of science. 

Enroll in the school your teachers never told you about.

Connect with magic and mystery during those few moments of silence after everyone else has gone to bed. 



We know you're busy.

The Night School is a (FREE) solo study program 

that delivers tasty morsels of magic one email at a time.


Bite-sized cookies of wisdom to dip in your bedtime tea!


Craft ways to experience and experiment with all you're learning and creating.


Weekly writing assignments to delve deeper into the magic of this world.

Wild Wisdom Books

Grab your backpack, books, & broomstick! 

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