The Night School
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There's something about the night. 

The world gets quiet,

and your ability to hear your intuition sharpens.



What if you could tap into your wild wisdom, deepening the knowledge you already hold within yourself? What if there was a school that taught ancient magic and myth without ignoring science and the systems of the natural world?

Enroll in the school your teachers never told you about.

Connect with yourself and your intuition during those few moments of silence after everyone else has gone to bed.



Delivered as bite-sized morsels of guidance (because we know you’re busy!)....

The Night School is filled with lessons in the mysteries, myths, and magic of being human.


Bite-sized cookies of wisdom to dip in your bedtime tea!


Writing assignments to delve deeper into the magic of this world.

Advanced Learning

Recommended guidance from The Illustrated Herbiary, Bestiary, & Crystallary.

Wild Wisdom Books

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