When you are digging deep with a client or a friend, pay attention to the very last thing they say.

It’s often an aside, offered to the depths of their purse as they dig for their keys.

Sometimes it’s shrugged over their shoulder as they put on their coat.

It is always the most important thing they have to tell you.

I have been working with Maureen for a few months (nope, not her real name!). While she had some physical complaints, they were minor: an occasional sleepless night, the desire to ease the discomforts of a body that was no longer twenty.

She came to me specifically to help her with the stresses that were coming up as she planned her daughter’s wedding.

Along with offering botanical support, I became another point-of-view as she learned to work with her soon-to-be-in-laws and navigated the financial tensions that seem to be such a huge component of the modern American wedding.

In the process, she rediscovered her connection to spirituality. She felt more grounded, more calm, more able to understand herself. It was a beautiful thing…

…and, one would think, the culmination of our work together.

And then Maureen limped into our final appointment. Her knee was swollen– the doctor was sending her to a rheumatologist.

She was content to work with the doctors on her knee, so we spoke of other things.

With five minutes left, on our last day of working together, Maureen “remembered” that her knee had done this once before. She was engaged to be married with the wedding coming up and her knee had swollen becoming painful to walk on. Cortisone shots had taken care of it… until now.

These messages in the final moment are the subconscious’s way of initiating the next conversation that needs to happen. But the subconscious is protective, it’s not sure it wants to go there. And it wants to make sure it will be supported if it does.

The subconscious asks the conscious self, “Do we want to go there?”

It’s testing, for lack of a better word, the healing relationship. The subconscious asks the listener: Are you aware enough to hear me? Do you care enough to dig? Do you care more for me than for the clock?

The subconscious is often described as a wise child. In these last minute revelations you see the craftiness of our souls. We know where our wounds are and we know who we can trust as we excavate them.

Maureen and I set another appointment to explore the message her knee was giving her. She unearthed a deeper pattern and found her way to greater insight.

Have you ever discovered a life pattern that deeply affects your ability to heal? Share below!