Grab the Witch's Brew combo of The Kitchen Witch's Workshop AND Witch Camp!

It shouldn't have been so intimidating...

...put herbs in mason jar... fill to the rim with vodka... stir... seal.  

It's not rocket science for someone who knows her way around the kitchen.  

And yet it terrified me.

Maybe you wonder... 

Is it okay to pick dandelions from my yard? (What if a dog peed on them?)

And the big one: What if I poison myself?

Develop Basic Skills

This course covers the basic skills you need not only to be able to learn more about herbs, but to make every herbal product you'll ever need. (I'm not a fan of hyperbole, but in this case, it's true!)

Learn How to Learn

You'll be introduced to a few specific herbs and, more importantly, you'll learn how to learn about herbs. Plus you'll finish the course with a ton of herbal products you've made by yourself, for yourself.  

Hone Your Inner-Guidance

Part of the magic of this course is learning to tap into your own inner-guidance system! If you do the exercises with intention, you’ll discover that you know more than you think.  

This course is self-study so you can go at your own pace... 

and you can start the program any time you want!

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Week 1: Welcome & Resources 

Week 2: Make Yourself a Cup of Tea 

  • Settle into using your online classroom and introduce yourself to your new community: don't worry, our online classroom is easy to use and Luddite-friendly! 
  • Explore the additional resource library we've put together for extra fun & support.  
  • Discover how to set intentions and create rituals to support your journey in class and beyond. 
  • Learn how to learn about plants in a way that is probably new to you and is so transformative for many of our students!
  • Meet your first herb: we will take a deep dive with 4 herbs over the course of the class using our unique hands-on learning process that, once mastered, will allow you to learn from a variety of herbs quickly and deeply!

  • Create your own personalized herbal by writing your own materia medica, an ancient technique for recording herbal knowledge.  
  • Discover how to make medicinal tea (hint: dunking the tea bag for 5 minutes won't create medicine!).  
  • Learn different methods of making tea for different types of herbs.  
  • Dive into plant energetics so that you can take your herbal practice to the next level.  

Week 3: How-To's for External Application 

Week 4: Vinegars & Tinctures 

  • Meet your second herb and get experimenting with it! 
  • Discover which herbs are best for sprains and bruises. 
  • Learn how to make compresses, poultices, and more to support the aches and pains of life.

  • Continue refining your growing expertise by making a materia medica for your second herb.
  • Discover how to get the most from your herbal medicines.
  • Find out which herbal preparation works as nature's mineral supplement.  
  • Learn how to extract the healing properties of plants into vinegars and tinctures that can be stored away for future needs and seasons. 

Week 5: Oils, Salves, & Balms 

Week 6: How to Make Syrups & Elixirs 

  • Meet your third herb and begin experimenting with it!  
  • Learn how to make an herbal oil to use as a base for skin care products.  
  • Transform your oil into salves and balms for yourself and others... not only are they healing, but they make fabulous gifts!

  • Add to your materia medica with your third herb.  
  • Learn how to make delicious syrups and elixirs, great for kids and adults alike! We will focus on recipes that will ease you through cold and flu season.
  • Discover the healing properties that make brandy and raw honey top-notch ingredients for herbal preparations! 

Week 7: Flower Essences 

Week 8: Essential Oils & the Herbal Home 

  • Add a fourth herb to your repertoire.  
  • Learn how water stores energetic patterns, which can be used for emotional healing.  
  • Discover how to make your flower essence.  
  • Take a personal look at your flower essence profile.

  • Continue adding to your storehouse of knowledge by doing a materia medica for your fourth herb.
  • Then follow your nose into the land of Essential Oils, where you will learn: how to make blends for body care; the best blends for green house cleaning; basic safety precautions as you work with these high power concentrates.

Week 9: Herbal Kitchen & Garden

Week 10: A Cup of Tea Before You Go 

  • Meet your final herb!  
  • Take your herbal learning into the kitchen where you discover cooking.  
  • Dig deeper into the many ways that you can keep herbs in your life, even after the course ends.
  • Round off your new materia medica with your final herb and see how much you've mastered!
  • Take yourself on a wee field trip in your own hometown that will enforce in a whole new way the skills you've been refining.  
  • Gather together your new knowledge for one final experiment on plant energetics.

Look Inside!

About Your Guide

Maia Toll (M.A.), author, entrepreneur and women’s wisdom mentor, has taught botanical medicine at universities, hospitals, and even in the Peruvian jungle. She opened a tiny herbal apothecary in Philadelphia in 2005 which has grown into Herbiary, a multi-city natural wellness and sacred living store, which Maia runs with her husband Andrew. Maia’s first book The Illustrated Herbiary (Storey Books) will be available in August of 2018 and her second book follows hot on it’s heels with a release date of fall 2019. When not playing with plants or drinking copious amounts of tea, Maia teaches and blogs to an international following at where she helps women cultivate a sense of deep connection, spiritual strength, and inner-knowing.