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“Enchanting, fascinating, and surprising. Maia Toll introduces us to stones as teachers, and invites us into relationship with them so we may deepen our relationship with ourselves. This is the most beautiful, sane, and humane book about crystals I know. What a gift.” — Sarah Selecky, author of Radiant Shimmering Light

“An informative, empowering, and introspective must-read for every witch & non-witch alike!” — Amanda Lovelace, best-selling author of the princess saves herself in this one

"I pretty much refer to my life now as BMT and AMT (Before Maia Toll and After Maia Toll). Before being introduced to Maia's works and teachings, I just went through my day-to-day as is. Maia's book have taught me the importance of checking in with myself, stopping to appreciate my surroundings, and healthier ways of dealing with stress in my life. The Illustrated Crystallary is an excellent tool for self-care and continues with the valuable lessons that Maia has laid the groundwork for in her previous two books! After finishing going through every page, I spent the remainder of my weekend telling my friends they needed to pre-order this book!" - Amanda Beverly

"This is an absolutely beautiful book all the way through and contains some amazing information about crystals. I have been searching for such a detailed and enjoyable book about crystals for ages and this book ticks all the boxes for me." - Natalie

"Oh my gosh Maia Tolls books just get better and better. The illustrations are lush and gorgeous. The writing is the same as her other books, well researched and beautiful to read." - Lindsay

Kelley Knight

“Toll’s poetic and practical prose offers a gentle invitation into the world of crystals for those who dabble and, for more serious readers, new ways of thinking.” 

— Kelley Knight, author of Spells for the Modern Mystic    


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Sarah Thomas

The Illustrated Crystallary, modern oracle Maia Toll hands you her seeing eye. As you scry into her luminous dreamscape, you'll find intimate passages written with humor, wisdom, and the clarity of a sage. This book will center you in a timeless truth: your relationship with Earth will deepen when you listen to Her stories told in stone.”

— Sarah Thomas, LAc, founder of the Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine

Maia Toll Author

About the Author

Maia Toll is the author of The Illustrated Herbiary which won an Indie Award, a Nautilus Award, and has been on the Pacific Northwest bestseller list. While published in 2018, the seeds for The Illustrated Herbiary and the other books in The Wild Wisdom Collection (The Illustrated Bestiary, October 2019 and The Illustrated Crystallary, June 2020) were planted years earlier when Maia apprenticed with a traditional healer in Ireland where she spent extensive time studying the growing cycles of plants, the alchemy of medicine making, and the psychology of working with humans and illness. These experiences reawakened an interest in natural philosophy and mysticism which had been a large part of Maia’s academic studies at The University of Michigan and New York University.

Translating the lessons of the natural world for the modern seeker led Maia to open a small shop called Herbiary in 2006. Herbiary now has locations in both Asheville, NC and Philadelphia, PA. Maia has been featured in a PBS special, had a recipe published in The New York Times, gotten photographed by National Geographic Traveler, and been called “a real life Professor Sprout from Harry Potter” by Forbes magazine. She has taught Botanical Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, West Chester University, and Pennsylvania Hospital. She regularly teaches at conferences and festivals where she encourages people to use patterns and metaphors from the natural world to help them understand and grow within their own lives. Maia lives in Asheville, North Carolina, with her life and business partner and their two ridiculously spoiled dogs.  

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