Hello all,

I’m your guest columnist today.

My name is Andrew Celwyn. I’m Maia’s husband and I’m filling in for her because she is suffering from a migraine (even my expert, label-reading, wife gets tripped-up sometimes and accidentally eats something she is allergic to).

You may be thinking it’s a good week to skip the blog-post because, let’s face facts, I certainly don’t have half the knowledge Maia does of the herbal world.  However, what I can share with you is my own first-hand experience of one of Maia’s superpowers (missed that e-zine?  Read it here!).

When Maia and I met in 2003 (on Match.com. It was cool back then…. really.), I lived in a sweet little house in Lansdowne, PA.  One of the things Maia noticed early on during her visits is that all the trash cans in my house would fill up with tissues every week.

She asked me if I had trouble with my sinuses and I told her that I had had two operations to remove polyps from my nose.  As far as I knew, I had allergies to pollen, dust, etc. that just seemed to move from one season to the next.

Almost immediately Maia asked if I had for food allergies. Not surprisingly, I had been tested, but completely ignored the results.  “The test said I was allergic to gluten, but that doesn’t make any sense, I’ve been eating wheat all of my life” was my response.

Over a few months, Maia was able to convince me to move off of wheat products to some (fairly bad, at the time) gluten-free options.

Since then, I don’t have to have a box of tissues handy in every room of the house and I can now breathe through my nose on a regular basis.  One of the major downsides of years of undiagnosed (or diagnosed, but ignored!) food allergies is that I lost my sense of smell.

Using a combination of products (sinus oils, mineral supplements, tinctures) I can sometimes regain smell for a few days, sometimes longer.  There doesn’t seem to be any one magic pill or prescription, but using a combination sometimes does the trick.

So for the past nine years I’ve been a walking billboard for Maia’s ability to recognize patterns in the body and to improve quality of life.  If I had kept on eating wheat, kept blowing my nose, kept growing polyps in my sinuses, and basically living in denial, I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy breathing through my nose or (even temporarily) regaining my sense of smell.

While my sinus problems might seem almost obvious in hindsight, it certainly wasn’t obvious to me (or my doctors).  Maia is able to understand many of these issues both through her knowledge and her own personal experience.  She shares my intolerance for wheat and has a number of other sensitivities to food products that have made her keenly aware of the environment around her.

Maia’s sensitivity can be a hazard at times and downright frustrating at others but it also helps Maia work with folks (like me) who are trying to figure out how to lead a healthier life.  For that, I am very grateful.

Do you have food sensitivities?  What triggers you?