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Not to Be Missed: A Recap of the Best of June

Not to Be Missed: A Recap of the Best of June

A few days ago I went to A Million Cups, a local event sponsored by a national organization which supports business owners and entrepreneurs. The name refers to the million cups of coffee drunk by people all over the country as they gather on Wednesday morning to hear a presentation by a fellow local business person.

This week our own Mari Fox, who founded Shecology, a natural cleaning product line, was presenting. We’ve carried Shecology at Herbiary for a while, and honestly? I thought it was a cute alternative to traditional laundry detergent. What I learned in Mari’s talk was that this stuff is far from merely cute: it’s a powerful cleaner she’s put up against the nation’s top-selling laundry detergents… and it’s won every time. Not only that, but 3rd party tests have shown it kills salmonella, yeast, and black mold.


And we’ve had this inconspicuous little product sitting on our shelves for months!

Which made me realize: if we folks who are doing stuff don’t tell you folks who are interested what we’re up to, then you simply don’t know.

So, here’s June’s not-to-be-missed list from Maia Toll and Herbiary:

Small and Mighty: The Inconspicuous Cleaner Waiting for You at Herbiary

Shecology Laundry Pills and DIY Spray Cleaner: This stuff packs a punch so don’t let the innocuous packaging fool you (Mari’s aim is to cut waste and her packaging reflects that). I LOVE the DIY Spray Cleaner. I need to revisit the laundry pills. Turns out I was only using 2 laundry pills when I should have been using 4 so I’m going to be retrying ’cause I saw the test strips and, at 4 to a load, this 100% natural product kicks butt.

The Lunar Lab Podcast

Yup, I have a podcast… which I don’t mention to you much because it’s aimed at entrepreneurs and I didn’t think you’d be interested. But soooo many people have told me they love listening to my podcasting partner, Becca Piastrelli, and me square off about trying to balance our spirits and our spreadsheets without losing our minds. After one woman told me she feels like listening to The Lunar Lab has helped her be a better mom, I thought okay, Maia, quit being so compartmentalized. After all, I love Car Talk something fierce and I’ve never fixed a car in my life!

So give The Lunar Lab a listen and let me know what you think. This month’s episodes include:

EPISODE 19: Take Your Shame and Shove It

Fasten your seat belt, ‘cuz Becca and Maia are on a rant about the shaming that’s been happening in the name of “economic justice”.

EPISODE 20: Alchemize Your Envy

Feeling a little green around the gills? Join Becca and Maia as we talk about shifting envy into appreciation and deepening your understanding of what you personally need to be truly happy.

Find all the Lunar Lab Podcasts here.

Best of the Blog

It was a good month for blogging; these three posts are amongst the most popular blog posts ever (thank you!). If you missed ‘em, here’s a refrain:

  • Catch my tips about using essential oils here
  • Sharables from 48 years doing this crazy thing called life here
  • And a post whose popularity kinda blew me away here


Shamanism and the Nature of the Universe

Sometimes when I’m coaching something comes out of my mouth which I’ve never languaged before. This week it was about shamanism, time, and the nature of the Universe:

When you do shamanic journeywork you’re accessing the collective unconscious, a “place” which is beyond time. So when you see or learn something there which seems to be about yourself, it may not be about yourself right now. If may be something long done or yet to come. It may be something pulled from the deep reaches of your DNA. It’s important to discern whether this bit of imagery and information you’ve accessed is something which can help you grow and heal right now, in the present tense.

A Shout-Out

Finally, longtime student and coaching client John Muraco just opened a holistic shop to complement his therapy practice in Doylestown, PA. John is one of the most insightful, intuitive people I’ve ever met. Wishing I could be in PA to see what he’s created, but since I can’t be, I hope you’ll snap some photos for me if you’re in the neighborhood!

‘Til next week!


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The Lunar Lab Podcast: Life with a Side of Biz

The Lunar Lab Podcast: Life with a Side of Biz

The Lunar Lab: My Secret Life As a Podcaster

Before recording, my podcasting partner often reads off the latest emails. This week we had one from a stay-at-home mom who quickly clarified that she didn’t run her own business but she still loved listening to our podcast. She said it helped her with the work of mothering!

We were floored.

But we shouldn’t have been: we’ve gotten email before from non-entrepreneurial folks who love The Lunar Lab’s raw, real, and nitty-gritty discussion of what it means to try to live life fully engaged and run a heart centered business.

For some reason this email finally drove it home: our podcast for entrepreneurs isn’t just for entrepreneurs.

This week’s episode is way more confessional than most… so much so I almost pulled it from the queue.

You know I write a lot about making your greatest weakness into your best super power. I love to talk about it ’cause I’ve done it, over and over, for most of my life.

It started in kindergarten when the teacher called my mom in for a conference, not because I’d done something wrong, but because I’d done something different. Something she hadn’t seen in all her twenty years of coaxing the ABCs out of five-year-olds. The class had been asked to draw a person’s face. Amidst the usual full-frontal smiley faces my drawing looked odd and flat: instead of the full-frontal face, I’d drawn a profile.

Seeing in profile has been a great metaphor for viewing the world slightly sideways of how others see it. At the time, no one was worried about this profile-drawing kindergartner (in fact, the teacher and my parents arranged for extra art classes). Back then, when there wasn’t a battery of tests given to us slow readers, my backward letters as I carefully penned my alphabet were just another sign of my creativity.

In many ways I was lucky. Despite early signs that math would be my personal purgatory, I was classified as gifted and given extra games to hone my deductive reasoning skills…

… which it turns out I was gonna need big-time to navigate life with a learning disability.

I didn’t get the diagnosis ’til I was working on my Masters degree in architecture. My self-image was firmly established as smarty-pants. Imagine my surprise when the counseling office at the University of Virginia, where I had a free ride, suggested I would never be able to complete the program.

On the one hand, I could easily explain how the French building was affected by the tax code in the Victorian era, on the other hand a white storm would blow through my brain as soon as I hit an engineering class and I’d spend the hour grabbing at the wind, trying to make it into something sensical.

Once I was diagnosed, I looked back at my life and realized how I had gotten incredibly adept at manipulating my world toward what I excelled at and away from the places my brain couldn’t go.

That ability to create a world I could live and thrive in was definitely a super power. Click To Tweet

But because I forget about this “disability” (as my husband says, How can someone as high-functioning as you be classified as severely learning disabled?) means I sometimes run headlong into it…

And I talk about that more in this Lunar Lab Podcast: Breaking Up with Normal.

Give a listen and let me know what you think below.

Big hugs—

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