Maia Toll
My teacher in Ireland used to say: Use the tools until you don’t need them anymore.

“The tools” are things like essential oils and flower essences, teas and tarot cards, crystals, malas and rosary beads. They are the candles you light to hone your focus, the breathing exercises that calm your mind, and the shells and stones on your altar which remind you what you are made of.

These spiritual tools help our physical selves connect with our inner-wisdom, our energy bodies, our souls.

This Jewish girl has owned rosary beads and Kwan Yin statues, citrine points and oracle decks…

… because they help me to connect with the deepest parts of me.An object is just an object until you— or someone else— infuses it with meaning and energy. Click To Tweet

These objects begin to feel a bit alive, like they have spirit and being.

Think of your grandmother’s favorite necklace or the small spade your mother used all summer in the garden…  feel don’t think. This idea of an object having spirit is something your heart knows, even when your brain protests.

These spirit-infused objects become touchstones that provide a sensual experience which help you to stay grounded in your body as you do your spiritual work. And make no mistake, wellness, done this way, is spiritual work.

Which is why I think of this path that I walk, that you walk, as the earth path.

It’s a path not only of respect for the planet but of embodiment, of knowing we are made, not just of star-stuff, but of earth matter.

And these stones and acorns and bits of mica which collect on our altars? The goddess statues and mala beads and quartz points? These don’t automatically confer wellness or spirituality or wisdom.

And, no, you don’t need them.

But they can be a reminder, a doorway, a focus point, a mirror, and a connection to your inner-wisdom and your own true self…

… because turning inward and finding you is the best path outward into the greater mystery.

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With big hugs—