We launched the new Witch Camp out into the world yesterday…

. . . and I’ve already made a change in the pricing.

I know, I know, it seems like I may not have my act together.

(And goodness knows we are not supposed to let anyone see us not having everything completely perfect, right?)

But my life is about being in alignment with my soul’s speak; and at 4 AM this morning my soul was telling me something was still not quite right.

When I set the price for this year’s Witch Camp, I had taken a long look at what was on offer:

  • 50 mini-lessons
  • near daily support
  • a warm and supportive and cradling community
  • personal transformation for those who did the work

I had crunched the numbers, added the expenses, and figured in the person power that it takes to pull off a daily program like this.

… And set the prices for 2015: $290 per quarter or $997 for the year.

And I was up at 4 AM, staring at the silhouette of the oak tree in the backyard, feeling like something was off.

What came to me is that Witch Camp is the portal through which people join our community. This is the place where everyone is welcome to hang out, try on their witchy, and get more deeply in touch with themselves.

Witch Camp is unique on the interwebs. For those who do the work, and dive into the cycling of the seasons, a seed change is possible.

And these little soul seeds need the support of community to take root.

Tending these seedlings is what Witch Camp is all about and keeping the price in a place where new folks can step up and into our community is… priceless.

So this is my little song in praise of sleepless nights of soul speak. As uncomfortable as it may be, it is a voice I always want to hear.