Ready to shine a little brighter?

If you’ve lost your sparkle, it’s time to become interesting to yourself again.

A fascinating life isn't about good luck: it's about stepping up and stepping in. Click To Tweet

And, no, it’s not always easy. But I know you’ve got this!

1. Cultivate Interesting People

Every person is a door to an entire world. Ask questions. Make a tea date. Spend a little time (maybe an hour… maybe years) seeing through their eyes.

2. Embrace Conflict

If everyone around you thinks the way you do, you’re not stretching or expanding. You’re not peering around corners and seeing what’s possible. Hang out with people who disagree with you. Be thoughtful. Dig below the surface and understand their why.

3. Feel Into It

Your body knows stuff your brain cannot begin to comprehend. Listen and learn.

4. Remember Devotion

Find your sacred… and then become its priestess.

5. Keep It Real

Allow deep inner-knowing to be your true North, even if it means you’re a bit out of sync with those around you.

6a. Give it a Try

Have you ever watched a truly happy person? They get out there and try all sorts of stuff… even if they’re bad at it, or look stupid, or wish they’d gone to the movies instead.

6b. Laugh at Yourself

If you nail 6a, you’re gonna need 6b!

7. Go Deep

Passionate people are fascinating even if you don’t give a hoot about the thing they’re passionate about. Passion is fire. It warms, it burns, it consumes. Find yours. It might be lurking in a really obscure place like falafel-making or fencing. (Having trouble with this one? Return to 6a.)

8. Value Love

Rob Brezney reminded me in my horoscope this week:

Tend to your web of close allies . . .

take care of what takes care of you . . .

and adore the intimate connections that serve as your foundation.

That about sums it up!

What are your secrets for a brilliant life? Tell me below!