My mother is most emphatically not woo-woo.

She’s not even woo-curious.

Yet when her house was on the market (sitting, unmoving on the market) she was willing to try anything.momandme2crop

When I showed up with a bundle of sage, sweetgrass, an abalone shell, and a lighter, she welcomed the woo (“I just want to sell it, I do!”).
We lit the sage and joyful paraded around the house, letting the smoke drift into the corners.  We carefully cleared doorways and windows, all the while thanking the house for many years of happiness and releasing it to its next owner.

We then smudged my mom and she released her anxiety and fear around selling her home.

When our souls felt quiet and still, we lit the sweet grass.  I had my mom open the front door and call in the energy of the people she wanted to buy the house.  She was specific, asking that they drive small cars that would fit in the garage.  She pictured a couple in their 40s with kids.

Ceremony concluded, we closed the door and headed to the kitchen for tea.

The door bell rang.

We both froze, staring at each other.  “Go on,” I encouraged.

Mom opened the door to find a huge bouquet of flowers sitting on the stoop.  The note was from my sister, thanking my mom for something I’ve since forgotten.  My sister is forty something with kids.

We laughed hysterically and headed to the kitchen for tea.

After months of anxiety, Mom finally relaxed.  Even if the smudging did nothing for the real estate process, she said, it was good for her soul.

 *   *   *

A few hours later, I was at the vacuum repair shop when my cell phone.  My mom was calling to say that her realtor phoned.  Someone who had seen the house already was requesting a return visit.

This was not the person who ultimately bought my parent’s home.  But from the day of the smudging on, the energy shifted and things started to move.

More importantly, my mom’s energy shifted.  She was ready to move on and release her home of 25 years with love.

Tune in tomorrow for my post “Tools of the Sage!”

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