blogsept19I love this time of the year when the nights begin to get a little longer and our attention begins its journey inward.

The plant kingdom has striven through summer, stretching branches and flowers skyward, but now the energy flow is sinking back down, toward the roots, where it will be stored for the winter.

Even if it’s not usually your thing, pause and pay attention to the shifting light, the crisp chill in the air, the browning of the leaves.

Notice how your body feels, how your mind responds.

I often start my classes at this time of year, just as the Butterfly Weed and the Obedient Plant drop their seeds upon the ground. It’s an apt metaphor, dropping seeds, as that is really all a teacher can do: drop seeds and wait to see what takes and what blooms.

Any new learning experience calls on us to ground in and allow ourselves to grow into new knowledge from our roots up. That’s why it’s hard to learn anything when you feel ungrounded and dwifty.

So I invite you all to use the shifting of the seasons and this weekend’s equinox to allow yourself to get in touch with the cycles of your own energy as it moves towards your roots.

Carve out a few moments each day to be in gratitude for those people and things that hold you up and give you strength.

Ginger tea (a root to support our roots) is a favorite at this time of year. Simply simmer a few slices of ginger root for about 20 minutes, sweeten with a bit of maple syrup or honey, and add a squirt of lemon for extra zing.

How are you grounded here on this earth? Are you rooted in family or in wood walks or in yoga or cooking or dance? Acknowledge what supports you.