Okay, now stop remembering Sally’s fake orgasm and back up a few minutes to when Harry and Sally are ordering their food.

Here it is:

Ever since this movie hit the screens in 1989, I have been labeled a “Sally.”

Yup, I want it the way I want it. No bun, no tomato, mustard on the side, thank you. Any chance you have caramelized onions? Can we swap fries for sauteed spinach? Thanks.

Over the years I have received subtle, and sometimes not-so-subtle criticism, for wanting things my way.

Here’s the thing, people: we create our world with every thought and every action. Why shouldn’t my world, and my hamburger, align with my wants, needs, and expectations?

Yeah, yeah, I can see the horror on your faces… and the concern for the poor waitress who has to deal with the likes of me.

The point of distinction is this:  wanting things the way you want them does not excuse you from being kind and polite.

What if you want a Lear jet? Well then you have a longer list of action steps to put in place to get yourself there.

But the truth is, not so many of us want a Lear jet. (Do they even make those things anymore?) Most of us want the simpler things, like mustard on the side.

* * *

I always like to include a tip with each post.

My tip for those of you who want it the way you want it: instead of buying your herbal teas pre-blended, buy each herb individually so you can create your own mixes. It’s fun, it’s easy, and just by changing the proportions you can create a new taste every time.