Think of yourself as a seed, deep in the Earth’s dark soil.

What do you dream of becoming?

Do you know your passion?  Your form?  The shape of your flower?

How will you embody joy in the year to come?

Join us on a Joy Ride as we envision the new year, together, with joy.

For the next 3 weeks, I will be unrolling a process that will help you to release parts of your life that do not serve you and begin to Envision 2013 with Joy.

Each weekend, for the next three weekends, you will be given another piece of the puzzle.  

Together we will ride the energy of the seasons, using the days around the Winter Solstice to release (as the days grow shorter) and then envision (as the days lengthen again) so that by the time the calendar year changes to 2013, we are all ready to ride a wave of joyful intention into the year to come.

Are you ready to begin? 

Here is your homework for this week:

Step #1:  Start each day by opening your heart (so that steps 2 and 3 flow with ease).

My favorite heart-opener is rose and there are so many ways to let her speak to you:

  • put of drop of rose essential oil over your heart
  • tape a picture of a rose (or many roses) on your bathroom mirror
  • find a rose screen-saver
  • have a cup of rose tea
  • savor a few drops of rose petal elixir… or rose conserves… or rose syrup
  • have a square of a rose chocolate bar
  • put a drop of rose essential oil on the palm of your hand, and rub your hands together.  Place them over your nose and inhale.  Breath in and call-in joy, breath out and release what no longer serves your life and happiness.

Step #2:   Get in touch with what makes you happy and what brings you joy.

Sounds simple, huh?  And yet so many of us lose track of our happiness.

Move past the surface things.  Move past what you think brings you joy and look instead for what lifts your heart.

For example, I used to get great joy from horseback riding so last year I leased a horse.  Twice a week I dragged my butt out to the barn and took Cody for a spin in the woods.  Secretly, I was bored and a bit annoyed at myself for creating this commitment.  But I thought that horse back riding in the woods should bring me joy so I kept at it for far longer than I should have.

So dig deep, and ponder your joy.

Then collect words and pictures and poems and songs….

Collect with abandon. If it whispers to you of happiness, pull it closer.  Print and clip pictures that inspire you (or use Pinterest.  If you don’t know how, my friend Tanya is the Digital Sophisticate and she has blogged all about it).

This is not a time for restraint, this is a time for celebration!  Later we will hone and refine and clarify.
Right now, dive deeply in joy.

Step #3:  Every day notice one thing that you don’t want to bring into the New Year.

This can be an actual thing:  like the grease-covered toaster you inherited from Aunt Hilda that burns every piece of bread that’s ever been dumped in it gullet, or it can be an emotion or a behavior (like being snotty with your mother when ever she comments on your clothing.  Yes, I know she was snotty first.  Let it go.)

Keep a running list of things to release.  Fill notebooks and journals.  Hoard only spaciousness and levity.

The only thing I ask is that you do this work by hand.  There is a special connection between your hand and the page that is not replicated by typing on the computer.  Plus, I want you to have a real-world, pulp-and-fiber, touchable document.