We have been a bit beleaguered in our new home.

There are the 5am barking dogs.

The uncivil neighbor (who owns said dogs).

The traffic, and radios, and car horns….

Plants to the rescue!

I decided to use the energy of the green world to fill my home with peace and to protect the boundaries of my space.

Here’s what’s going into the garden and why:

Yarrow:  in Celtic cultures yarrow was a warrior’s plant because she staunches blood flow.  Yarrow increases courage and helps us defend our boundaries.

Rose, who says:  I am beautiful and sweet but if you mishandle me, I will make you bleed.

Holly:  used since ancient times for protection from evil spirits (that’s why you hang holly over the door at Christmas/solstice)

Lavender:  for peace and clear boundaries.

Elder Flower:  for harmony with the cycle of the seasons.

Thyme: for strength.

Marjoram: to dispel grief and bring joy.

Sage: for wisdom, acting not re-acting.

Rosemary:  for remembrance of kindness and warmth.

Fig: for abundance, security, and peace.

Weeping Pussy Willow:  sometimes called the Tree of Enchantment, this tree lends flexibility and strength (and some say it will grant one wish.  I wish for quiet dogs, please!).  Willows have an affinity for water, for flow, and our thought to symbolize the healing of the earth.

Do you use plants symbolically?  How?

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