We love these little lists, don’t we?

5 ways to do this and 7 ways to be that.

Sometimes we are so busy checking off lists and cross-referencing websites that we forget the simplest thing of all:

How to be ourselves.

Note that I said the simplest, not the easiest.

Being yourself in a culture that may not be in alignment with your soul can be hard work. But it’s work that’s worth doing because, until you truly become yourself, it’s hard to authentically help anyone else.

The key word in that last sentence is “authentically.”

Sure, sugar, you can walk your neighbor’s dog while pretending to be the good girl next door or pick up dinner on the way home while you are acting the part of the good wife.

That sort of stuff is helpful on a daily level…

but it doesn’t touch souls.

It doesn’t address the yawning pit of despair that we huddle around on our darkest nights.

The only thing that lights a spark in that deep dark is you being you and letting your soul shine like fairy glitter and fireflies.

That’s the stuff that others can steer by.

That’s the guide rope that keeps those who are fumbling from falling off the path.

You may have noticed my affinity for archetypes lately. The Witch has been haunting my web pages, cackling under her breath, and asking me if I am a polished person who wants her to just disappear.

And some days I think it would be easier to have chosen a less divisive word than Witch.

But I chose to work with the Witch knowingly, to reclaim the women’s wisdom that comes from an intuitive place, which stems from knowing the cycles of the moons and the turning of the seasons.

This knowledge leads to self-trust, which ultimately allows you being able to be you.

I know that under her pointy little hat, the Witch is a firefly and a guide rope, a person who is standing full-stop in herself and using her authenticity as a beacon.

Like I said, it’s simple. But not easy.

How do you find your authentic self? Share with us below!