I’m all for transcendent moments in the middle of everyday reality.

Sometimes the mundane slips into the mystical and my kitchen morphs into a plant medicine laboratory: bone broth bubbling on one burner, while a distillation of purple sage heats on another. The herb smells mingle with the brownies while outside the kitchen window a woodpecker is tap, tap, tapping at the oak tree…

And I know

I’m part of a lineage….
and so are you.

It’s a bit humbling, these moments when I suddenly understand I’m part of a lineage of people who have known, deep in their bones, that cooking, healing, the oak tree, and the woodpecker, are deeply and irrevocably intertwined and that feeling this— knowing this— with my whole being feeds my life-force and spirit.

Once you feel the world as interconnected, once this knowledge courses through your blood and touches your heart, once you let go of the concept of separation, this miraculous thing happens:

Official Bio

Maia Toll spent a life-changing year apprenticed to a traditional medicine woman in Ireland. She mentors spiritual wellness seekers, practitioners, and teachers through her online program, The Medicine Keepers Collective, and is the founder and owner of Herbiary, a natural products store with locations in Asheville, North Carolina, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Maia has taught Botanical Medicine at West Chester University and at the Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Research in the Peruvian jungle. She lectures at hospitals, universities, and herbal conferences and runs her own Deep Magic Retreat in the North Carolina mountains during the witchy twilight of autumn. She blogs to an international following at maiatoll.com and lives in Asheville, North Carolina.

Past speaking schedule includes:

  • The Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Research (in Peru!)
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Pennsylvania Hospital
  • West Chester University
  • Southeast Wise Women’s Conference
  • New England Women’s Herbal Conference


Media Inquiries: Email info@maiatoll.com for media inquiries for Maia Toll or Herbiary

“Maia took what was already sneaking in the door — the light, the beginnings, the sense that my heart really had this — and helped me to put them at the center.”

— Debora Geary, Author

“Maia is earthy, soulful and ‘real’. Her work is a true expression of her divine calling – to serve and support women discover their whole selves through ritual and earth-based practices.”

— Brigit Esselmont, biddytarot.com

“Maia is the real deal…her writing is exquisite, and her work profound.”

— Linda Sivertsen, TEDWoman Speaker

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"Maia is the real deal...her writing is exquisite, and her work profound."
Linda Siversten, TEDWomen speaker.