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The W-Word


I love words. Soliloquy and serendipity. Facetiously and avuncular. Words craft our world; the richer our vocabulary the more diverse the experiences we can describe.

But sometimes there's a void in the language for a feeling in our heart. And this is where the W-word comes in.

We're taught that doctors know our bodies and priests our souls.

But what if we're seeking to understand both for ourselves?

What if we crave a relationship with the physical, not only our body but the material stuff of the world around us-- the earth, plants, rocks, and stars? What if we find our spirit sparked by these relationships and our concept of the sacred altered by the scent of jasmine in bloom or the deep indigo of a sky awaiting nightfall?

What is the word for this feeling and the person we become when we honor it?

About Collage


One word kept murmuring to me— a word I didn't particularly like because of it's slippery and amorphous nature.


Somehow this word is both silly and primal. It evokes cartoons and conflagerations.

I walked around the word, looking it up and down. And I realized that witch did something that no other word did: it bridged body, spirit, and the mysteries of the feminine divine.

If this sounds yummy, you too might be a wee bit witchy.

Still I fought Witch good and hard. It wasn't my archetype of choice. But my heart lives in this place where body meets spirit; owning this word has given me a path home to myself.

And I came by it honestly: I was born questioning cultural concepts of the divine (when I was eleven our rabbi, tickled by my constant questioning, suggested rabbinical school.)

An illness in my twenties, unresolved by Western medicine, got me questioning theories on wellness and searching out answers for myself. The more I connected with my body, the more I understood my soul, until the spiritual and material could no longer be separated.

I declared self-sovereignty; my life became serendipitous and magical.

The year I spent in Ireland studying herbal medicine as an apprentice to a traditional healer rooted this path deep in my bones. Once I started conversing with the trees and the stones, there was no turning back.


Listening to my body and trusting my heart transformed me— and it can transform you too.

You'll define your own sacred and make space for it even in the midst of your busy modern life.

Your body will become a homestead, instead of something separate and alien and other.

And you'll become something new, something I call witchy: a woman who knows herself deeply and is attuned to the shiftings and shufflings of the world around her.

It’s time to open the door and invite your inner witch out of the closet.  She’s got dust bunnies in her hair and she’s desperate for a cup of tea.

And really... aren’t you ready for a taste of starlight?

Yup, I’m a bit witchy, but I also play well in Mundania. 

I’ve taught Botanical Medicine at West Chester University, founded an herbal supply company called Herbiary, and speak at respectable places like Pennsylvania Hospital and University of Pennsylvania. I've made a documentary with PBS and got to teach in the Peruvian jungle for the Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Research (the nights were intensely dark and the snakes immensely huge!).


How to Learn with Me


I mentor spiritual wellness seekers, practitioners, and teachers through my online program, The Medicine Keepers Collective, and run the Deep Magic Retreat in the North Carolina mountains during the witchy twilight of autumn. You can get info on both by signing up for the mailing list.

My job? To share my stories honestly, offer you a cup of tea or a kick in the ass (honestly!), give you permission (over and over again) to know and be yourself, and hold space for the transformations that are coming.

Big Hugs-


Wanna meet me in person? Here's where I'm teaching in 2016:

* New England Women's Herbal Conference, August 26-28

* SouthEast Wise Woman's Conference, October 14-16

* Witch Camp Retreat, November 3-6 (SOLD OUT! To be the first to know about retreats in 2017, drop a note to