It’s that time of year again!

A couple years back, we decided to close the office here at from Solstice to New Year (don’t worry, Herbiary is still open for all your holiday herbal needs!). I’ve gotta tell you: having this pause, this quiet during these darkest nights, is absolutely delicious.

And I’ve got lovely plans for my me-time, most of which can be accomplished in my p.j.s with a cup of tea in my hand.

1 – Kitchen Witchery!

I picked up a new cookbook to experiment with in the next few weeks. Puttering around my kitchen is one of my favorite downtime activities. The gentle manipulation of water and fire, earth and air to make yummy stuff soothes my witchy soul. I’ll report back on The Detox Kitchen Bible, my new cookbook, in the New Year.

2 – Closet Clean-Out

My closet needs a clean-out, big time. I thought I might read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, which friends have been raving about, to see if it offers any helpful hints. Apparently she has a whole system for getting life in order, so this might expand beyond the closets!

3 – Finish Devouring The Throne of Glass Series

You know I’m a total geek, don’t you? I love a well-written alternative universe. I dove into Sarah Maas’s Throne of Glass series a few weeks back and I’m hooked. One more to finish (and then I’ll dig into The Magic of Tidying Up. Pinky swear.)

4 – The Year of Me

How wonderfully egotistical, right? I bought the digital download of my friend Nicole Cody’s year long planner and haven’t had time to really get into it. I’m thinking I might head to Staples and have the whole thing printed so I can snuggle down with a hard copy (’cause I’m kind of against snuggling with my laptop on principle).

5 – The Fool’s Meditation

My other Aussie friend (one of the perks of having an online business is the internationalization of my cadre!) Brigit has a whole series of meditations based on the tarot deck. I’ve been wanting to make time for The Fool’s Meditation for months. Fun, right? The Fool is the dude who’s about to traipse off a cliff, smiling and singing… which feels about right most days. I’m super-curious where Brigit’s meditation will take me!

6 – Make a Reservation at The Grove Park Inn

This is a local landmark here in Asheville. Apparently their spa is divine— mineral pools and a eucalyptus steam room all available when you have a treatment scheduled. Some friends and I decided that massages and a day at the spa would be our holiday treat. It’s kind of hard to decide: “Blue Ridge Symphony Massage” or “Mountain Honey Wrap”?

7 – Sketch Out Plans for The Lunar Lab

Remember about a month back, when I mentioned using moon cycles in my business planning for 2016? My biodynamic business idea really excited my friend Becca Piastrelli and Ana Verzone, so we decided to give it a whirl, together. We bought the domain so you can share our shenanigans. Don’t go there yet—this year is fading, we are in the dreaming time. We’ll give birth to this new website early in 2016. For now it’s in the dreaming…

What are you dreaming for your holidays and for 2016?

Wishing you the happiest of holiday seasons and a luscious time leaning into these long nights.

Big hugs—