Be witchy, Be wise.
Be all the way in.
Cry like water. Distill your self…

Our neighborhood is big on Halloween.

There are fake tombstones, and paper ghosts and giant Frankensteins…

… And witches.

Ugly, green, black-hatted witches.

Which has me thinking a lot about what it means to be witchy.

Compost mistakes,
Grow. Nourish. Heal.

For me, being witchy is a life path. It’s relational. It’s about finding my balance with the world and choosing to see the magic in everyday life.

A few years back, one of my students challenged me to write a manifesto. She said: Any healing program/course will bring up a lot of muck for those willing to dive deep. A manifesto gives students something to hold on to when the road gets rocky during their journey.

At the time, I didn’t jump on it… but I’ve been thinking a lot about the word witch, what it means to me (especially as a non-Wiccan), and why I feel so strongly about reclaiming it as a word us modern women can own.

I stirred those thoughts in my big mental cauldron and they slowly began to take a shape and form… and then an even prettier form when my graphic designer got ahold of them!

So this is my treat to you: some words to ignite your witchy & wise and shine a light on a dark Halloween night (and it’s download-able!). It’s a manifesto for modern women.

Be witchy. Be wise. Be all the way in.
Cry like water. Distill your self.
You know. Be still. Ask… then listen.
Do the work. DO it. Live the lesson.
Compost mistakes. Grow. Nourish. Heal.
Learn from the sun, the moon, the cycling seasons.
Laugh with the wind.
Pause for crows and crickets. See. Connect.
Get okay with getting lost, with side roads and back roads and roads not taken.
Be a seed, crack open, be vulnerable, BLOOM.
Love like fire.
Stop. Life will happen:
Remember reverence, speak gratitude, expand your heart.
This is yours. Own it.
You are enough.
Wake up and create your world anew.

This is my battlecry.

What’s yours?

What’s your manifesto (i.e. what do you want to manifest)?

And Happy Halloween. Happy Samhain.