Let Love Lead Then Get Off Your Duff and Act… One Kindness at a Time

I awoke from dreaming of you, of the heart-to-heart we need to have. I awoke lit up by the urgency of our time. By watching our world go the way of Atlantis (I wonder sometimes about myths; the mind, wrapped in relativity, making stories not of the past but of what’s to come).

Stephen Hawking gives the human race less than a century before we’ll need to find a new home off-planet, having done this one in but good.

Overwhelming, isn’t it?

And what’s a massage therapist or an acupuncturist or an artist to do? The issues are huge, the devastation breathtaking. We believe we don’t have the power, the knowledge, or the money to be at cause.

What do I mean by at cause?

To be at cause is to be the starting place, the ground zero, the pebble that makes the first ripple in the pond.

And I’m here to tell you that you are at cause with every action you take.

We live in a world of cause and effect. We live in a world where the beating of a butterfly’s wings can cause a hurricane half a world away.

Your actions ripple outward.

The child you comforted this morning in your second-grade classroom? Two decades from now that child might nurture the seed of confidence you planted into a Nobel Peace Prize. That scattered engineer you coached? She might use the organizational skills you instilled to create the gadget that ends global warming.

You are a pebble. You are small and insignificant; you are large and world-changing. Click To Tweet

You are at cause.

Own it.

Those of us who are the caregivers, the nurturers, the cheerleaders, and the coaches often feel at a loss when the big stuff is going down. Your empathic heart is bursting but you don’t feel like there’s a way to give enough to make a difference.

And yet…

… When you accept that your small splash will ripple, when you release the need to know where that ripple is gonna go and who it’s gonna touch, you make your heart-wrenching love a foundation which leads to action.

Love must lead to action if we’re gonna keep from making Atlantis our next reality.

It doesn’t have to be big action; I don’t expect you to save the world single-handedly (and expecting this from yourself only sets you up for failure). But I hope you’ll do something kind today and trust enough to know your seemingly small act matters.

A friend in Naples, Florida posted on Facebook how the kindness of a case of water delivered while she was cleaning out her ravaged home in 98 degree heat brought her to tears. I gave her a complimentary spot in my Deep Magic Retreat in early November, so she can rest and rejuvenate.

We’re gonna change things by loving on the lives we touch, knowing they touch a myriad of people we can’t even see or imagine.

I messaged a Facebook friend who is a naturopathic physician in Mexico City: what do you need? I asked. Her hands will touch hundreds whom I will never meet.

Take responsibility for you.

Be at cause.

Start a ripple.

You can do this.

Big Hugs—

P.S. If you are spiraling in the trauma and fear, try Five Flower Formula (Rescue Remedy) or Aspen Flower Essence. A bit of rose in your tea (petals or elixir) will help ease your heart.

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