After teaching all day my business coach, Christine Kane, hangs out by the stage so that we can each snap a photo with her.

She nails the smile every time.

As I waited for Andrew to turn his phone into a camera, I asked Christine how she did it, how she remained genuine photo after photo.

She told me that she lets her heart shine through each time the camera is pointed at her.

One of my Cherokee teachers once told me that our job, during this Earth-walk, is to learn to be human.

I’ve worked with shaman, who taught me how to travel the spirit realms. I’ve studied with mystics, who helped me connect with my highest-self.

It’s pretty easy to be your highest self when you’re hanging out in the spirit world.

But back here on Earth, I have emails to answer, the dog to walk, and a chain of expletives to spew at the dude who just cut me off.

Until I met Christine Kane, it was pretty easy to segregate my highest-self from my everyday-self. I think I truly believed that my soul would be damaged if it knew how much time I spent on the computer.

After all, no one taught me how to connect with my highest self while, at the same time, being fully human (and embodied and in business) on this Earth-walk.  No one ever taught me to align everyday action with my soul’s purpose.

I had been told what to think, but not what to do.

So, here it is, the big secret: 

Get committed:  Step up, step in, be present.

Get clear: Cut through your own drama, the story you tell yourself, and the assumptions you make.  Be an observer of yourself.  I get loud and fall into hyperbole when I am uncomfortable.  How ’bout you?  What’s your self-defense mechanism?

Get support: Cause you need someone, who isn’t you, to point out when you’re buying your own bull.

Get accountable: There’s nothing like having to report to someone else to help you get the job done.  I sometimes have my clients text me when they have completed something so they know that I know that they’re on it!

Set-up systems and structures so you don’t spin your wheels re-thinking the same situation, over and over.

Break it down into small, do-able steps…. and then commit to taking them, one at a time.

And, of course, use your beautiful botanicals to support you through this process:

  • Dandelion for adaptability.
  • Rose to come into your heart center.
  • Milky Oat to sooth the nerves.
  • Passion Flower to halt circular thinking.
  • White Chestnut Flower Essence to help your brain cut a new groove.
  • Pine or Spruce Essential Oil to ground your feet here on Earth, while your soul stretches skyward.

Finally, and most importantly, let your heart shine through, whether you are hugging your honey…. or simply smiling at the camera.

P.S. This was a tough post for me to write because I am still trying to understand, for myself, why Christine’s coaching is so spot on for me.  Do you have a teacher or mentor who really speaks to you?  What is it that is working so well for you?  Comment below!