Let the land guide you.

Ireland has held my heart for many years— I can’t wait to share it with you!

Join a group of kindred spirits as we breathe into the landscape and find our footing in this ancient place. We’ll move slowly, savoring, meditating, journaling, sketching. This journey is not about seeing the sites... 

... it’s about grounding in and experiencing the magical energies rooted in Irish soil.

Explore my favorite corner of the Celtic countryside, Ireland’s West Coast. We'll spend three days on Inis Mór, then travel to the mainland to enjoy the remaining six days visiting various sites and landscapes to better understand this space and ourselves.



Connect with Earth, Sea, Sky, & Self

Inis Mór, The Journey Inward


Inis Mor Collage

3 Nights and 3 Days on Inis Mór, the largest of the 3 Aran Islands 

What would a modern day mystery school look like? Time to decompress from life’s fast pace, guidance to tune back into nature, alone time to remember yourself....  

Inis Mór has been a seat of mysticism for thousands of years. People came from both Europe and the Middle East to learn from this rugged landscape of sea and sky. Your days here will be punctuated by moments of silence and aloneness, framed by morning meetings (to help you get your bearings) and evening gatherings (to share and sift the day's gleanings).  

During this gently guided journey inward, you'll explore the craggy coastlines and ruined fortresses of this windswept island. You’ll settle into the land around you, feel into its history and lore, connect with the cycles of nature and breathe into the quietude.


West Coast of Ireland 


5 Nights, 6 Days on the West Coast of Ireland in the Burren/Kilfenora Area

A ferry will bring us back to the mainland where we'll get settled into our next faraway home. In this portion of your journey we travel as a group, visiting magical places far from the usual tourist attractions.  

Crawl through ancient ruins, visit mystical wells, and sit in secret caves used long ago by monks and hermits. Visit small towns and villages and learn the history of this geologically unique landscape.  

You’ll use the skills you learned on Inis Mór to feel the deep pulse of Ireland, to root and ground into the Burren. (Plus a few surprises that I can’t wait to share with you!)

Burren Collage





Join Us in Ireland!



Non-refundable Deposit: $1000

Life happens: we strongly suggest travel insurance. 


Shared Room in Inis Mór & Burren: $4200

Shared Room in Inis Mór & Single Room in Burren: $4600

Single Room in Inis Mór and Burren: $4800

Large Single Room in Inis Mór and Burren: $5900


Limited single rooms. 

Singles rooms aren't any larger, but you'll have the room to yourself. Large single is much more spacious.




Lunches Airfare Individual Travel Insurance ✦ Arrival & Departure Transportation



Frequently Asked Questions


What's your refund policy? Your $1000 deposit is completely non-refundable. However, if you have to cancel last minute and we can fill your spot, we'll do our best to refund your payments minus the $1000. Note: a refund may not be possible depending on when you cancel. We strongly suggest individual travel insurance.

What are the rooms like? Your room will be clean, comfortable, and cozy; however, European style rooms tend to be less luxurious. Expect to have less space to store your things, but a comfortable place to rest your head at night as well as common rooms for reading and contemplation.

What meals are covered? Breakfasts & Dinners are included and will be enjoyed together. You'll grab lunch on your own (or with your new friends) in the various villages we'll be visiting. Don't worry— you'll have a variety of places to choose from.

I have food allergies, will I have plenty to eat? Yes! We'll have a variety of options as well as meals tailored to our specific group of needs. When you eat lunch out, just keep your dietary needs in mind and you should have no problems. Do remember though, Ireland is by the sea... there are a lot of seafood options!

Will transportation and other excursions be covered? Absolutely! We take care of your ferry tickets and admissions for our Ireland adventures together... but you're in charge of your own souveniers. ;)

Can my partner and I both buy a spot? Yes! Email us to talk room arrangements after you purchase your spots.

Who can I talk to if I have more quesions? Email us at team@maiatoll.com.