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A woman came up to me after class.

“You said you thought it was all bunk and bullshit, back when you first got to Ireland,” she said. “But you changed your mind, didn’t you?”

She was referring to a comment I had made about the “magical” side of my Irish experience.

And she’s right: in the beginning, I did ritual like an anthropologist, drinking in the details but not really living the experience. Lunar astrology fascinated me but I really couldn’t see what it had to do with the “real” world. And tarot cards? They were… fun.

Even learning herbal medicine was a bit of a stretch. But at least there were scientific studies to back up the claims… even if the only scientists who bothered to study botanicals were in backwater countries like India and Pakistan.

Yup, I was that bad.

Or I should say, I was that indoctrinated.

As much as I had always been considered a rebel amongst my family and friends, on a deeper level I was very much product of private schools, suburbia, and a culture saturated in logical positivism.

And yet…

There I was on the Emerald Isle, in the tiny town of Mullingar, County Westmeath.

I had sold my house based on a feeling, a sense that it was time for that life to unravel. I had decided to go to Ireland based on a dream. Not an “I have a dream” kind of dream, but the go-to-sleep-at-night and get directions from the Universe kind of dream.

Something in me had gently insisted that I was changing, evolving.

But, somehow, I managed to change my whole life without actually changing my mind.

That came more slowly. It took years of having my intuition confirmed by my intellect—which is really easy with plant medicine; my intuition would choose, my intellect would confirm—for me to get comfortable relying on a hunch, a gut feeling, or a tug at my heart.

There’s a sweet spot, where intuition is structured by intellect, that can be taught through plant medicine. Over the years I’ve figured out how to help my students step into this space… and I’ve watched their lives turn toward everyday magic, synchronicity, and joy.

So when I got a call from Max Simon, who has worked with Deepak Chopra on a number of projects, asking me to write a short course on intuition, I was intrigued… and a bit terrified. I have never tried to teach intuition directly, even though I know it is a side effect of Witch Camp and Sage School.

But I figured I should evolve and grow… I don’t like to ask anything of my students that I don’t ask of myself. 🙂

So I spent the summer challenging myself to write a course on intuition. It’s called the Tap Into Your Intuition Challenge.

If you’re up for a challenge, check it out here.

Meanwhile, I want to hear your story. How have you found balance between intellect and intuition? Share with me here.

Big hugs-