Maia Toll
It’s pretty tough to hear the small, still voice of your inner divinity while juggling a job, two kids, and a mortgage.

That’s why my first spiritual teacher— who insisted that I was a modern-day priestess— admonished me never to get married or have kids or dogs or even fish!

Okay, I’m exaggerating on the fish; I’m sure she thought some koi in the pond would be good for meditation. My point is she felt pretty strongly that I should avoid decisions which tempted the noise of everyday life to pull me off my center.

And let’s face it: even for the most grounded of us, the ups and downs of daily living exert their own gravitational force.

As modern-day wisdom-warriors, our primary fight is with our own wandering attention, keeping it focused so that our energy goes where we want it to and not to the gazillion other places that are happy to have an infusion of our light.

In addition to the push-me, pull-you of a normal day, we also need to be mindful of whom we allow into our world. New York Times columnist David Brooks notes that

… the brain is a malleable organ. Every time you do an activity, or have a thought, you are changing a piece of yourself into something slightly different than it was before. Every hour you spend with others, you become more like the people around you.

When you add all this up, it’s pretty easy to get discouraged and to feel like the modern world is no place for the spiritually-inclined. I’ve had plenty of moments when I longed for a hermit’s hut or cloister.

You don't need to retreat from the world to tap into your inner-wisdom; it's with you wherever you are. Click To Tweet


But, truth? While a hermitage might be good for my soul and might put me deeply in touch with my intuition, I would miss being able to run out to the coffee shop for a decaf cappuccino with a half-shot of vanilla syrup.

The challenge is finding balance: walking a spiritual path while still being deeply engaged with not only the world, but with the society— family, friends, work relations— around us.

We all have an inner wisdom that is ours to tap.

We are all witches and wisdom keepers and priestesses.

So… how do you connect to your inner G.P.S. on five minutes a day?

Find the times when you can squeeze in a minute or two for yourself and set the intention that that is enough.

Work in an office or have kids who need your attention? Grab an extra minute in the restroom!

  • When you use the restroom, spend an extra minute in the stall. Put a drop of your favorite essential oil on your palm and rub your hands together. Take a few deep breaths and picture the plant you are smelling sending its roots deep into the ground and turning its leaves toward the sun.

Spend a lot of time commuting? Use the red lights!

  • A red light is perfect for 3 deep breaths, feeling the air fill your belly. Blow out forcefully, expelling tension and negativity.

Race around all day and collapse into bed at night? Take two minutes for gratitude!

  • Keep a gratitude journal on your bed stand. You don’t have to write a lot, just note 3 things you are grateful for. Write in sentence fragments— I give you permission.

Where do you find a few extra minutes to nurture your spiritual self?

You don’t have to retreat from the world to tap into your inner-wisdom; it is with you wherever you are!