How to Use

Healing Herbs:

Bare Bones Basics for Beginners

Only $19.99!

Desperate to take your health into your own hands,

but have NO idea where to start?

You wonder...

How do I use the herbal remedy I already bought?

* Will drinking herbal tea twice a day help keep me healthy?

* I'm intimidated by all this stuff. Where do I start?

Don't worry, I've got you covered. 

There's been a lot of information shared lately on how to stay healthy and boost your immune system with herbs, plants, and things from your own pantry... which is great! But if you haven't already been in and around this herbal jungle of knowledge... where do you start to help yourself stay healthy NOW?

Let's do this together. Join me for...

5 Days of Herbal Lessons:
to teach you the basics of how to use store bought herbal remedies

Q & A Videos:
two previously recorded Q & A sessions to help answer your questions

Videos and Worksheets:
to help you continue your learning and practice 


Who is this Mini-Course for?

This Mini-Course is For:

Herb-Curious Beginners who have little to no herbal knowledge or experience looking to support their own health using the plant world.

This Mini-Course is NOT For:

Herbalists and Medicine Makers with more than basic knowledge of herbs or someone looking for more advanced herbal studies. This is also not a course for foraging or using plants from your garden.

Join me for 5 days of learning how use herbs for wellness and health!


Get Your Herb On!


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