I am reporting to you, direct from the bathtub.

This is where I do my very best thinking, where I get creative, where my thoughts flow like water.

Plus a bath relaxes your Central Nervous System, which can be reinforced by adding essential oils like lavender and chamomile to the water.  Remember, oil and water don’t mix, so add the oils either mashed into a salt (click here for a bath salts recipe) or emulsified into a fat (which is easy:  just whisk into some milk or buttermilk and add to the tub).

My Central Nervous System can get pretty jacked-up, which I take as an invitation from the Universe to spend copious amounts of time in the tub.  And, because it’s such good thinking time for me, I consider it work time; I plan my classes, mull over clients’ concerns, and work-out my blog posts.

(I have seriously considered hanging a wipe-board over my tub because I’ve ruined so many journals trying to get my thoughts down on paper with drippy, wet hands.)

My usual blog-day routine is to take a bath, get the thoughts flowing, then hop-on down to my computer to write a little something for all of you.

The routine began as usual:

* Flower Soak Bath Salts: check.
* Honey Face Cleanser: check.
* Lavender soap: check.
* Creative, energized, flowy thoughts: check.

And then, a different kind of thought snuck in, one that I haven’t seen in a while. It was a controlling little thought. A mean, ungenerous, weaselly little thought.

Where, I thought, did that little thought come from?

I recognized it of course. It fit a pattern I knew well. But I hadn’t had a thought like that in quite a while. It had been so long, in fact, that I had become unaccustomed to thinking that way.

So when that insidious, snake of a thought tried to slither into my bath tub, I recognized that it didn’t belong there.

And I remembered something: for the first time in a good long while, I had forgotten to do my morning ritual (which I wrote about here, in case you’re curious).

If you have ever worked with someone like me– an herbalist, a life coach, a catalyst-type of person who’s out to help you feel whole in mind, body, and soul– if you have worked with someone like me, than you have, for sure, been asked to do some sort of morning ritual.

Its a good way to start your day with intention, to tell your mind what types of thoughts are o.k. for the day to come, to set the tone for yourself.

Often we take it on faith that this morning ritual is doing some good. Rarely do we get to see a direct correlation between our morning routine (or lack there of) and how our thinking is actually spooling out over the course of the day.

But today I got it. Proof Positive.

And now I am going to, belatedly, perform my morning ritual.

Do you have a morning routine? Do you habitually start your day with gratitude? Tell me two things: what is your routine and how does it work for you?