Maia Toll
You’re hard-wired for wonder…

… for pausing to study sunsets and the afterglow of lightning flashing through the summer sky.

It’s really that simple.

And yet, the same hard-wiring which allows for so much joy can lead you on a merry chase for meaning, for logic, and scientific explanations. When we become overly analytical we close the door on everyday magic. We end up living in Mundania with no mystery in sight. I’ve been down this path: it led to longing, disconnection, and even depression.

When we fail to recognize the wondrous in the daily, we lose a necessary part of ourselves.

I’m not exempt. After the umpteenth time sucking my thumb in the abyss of Why-The-Heck-Are-We-Even-Here, I came back with this basic truth: sometimes we have to allow life to have meaning.

Wonder is always there– you just have to give it an opening in your soul.

But how? How do you reconnect, plug in, get into the flow, read the signs… when you’re smashed face-down at the bottom of the well?

Let me tell you a story:

Years ago I took a writing workshop with Tom Robbins, who wrote one of my favorite novels, Jitterbug Perfume.

During Q&A I mustered my fan-girl courage and asked: What do you do when you have nothing to write?

And Tom said (I’m paraphrasing here):

You show up. You show up at the same time, the same place, every day. You don’t go to the coffee shop or the library, hoping the muse can find you. You sit at your desk and you write. You’ll be sitting there working whenever she deigns to join you.

This same advice holds true when you’re connecting with the deeper mysteries of life— you show up.

If you only meet Mystery in the woods for the summer solstice, then that’s her only chance to connect with you for the whole year. If you think Mystery only hangs out at four day retreats led by uber-influential teachers, then you’re missing out on the tiny offerings she leaves you daily.

Church, synagogue, and the mosque are meant to be places where we reconnect with the greater mystery, but for many of us these institutions no longer spark the magic-meter because connection is deeply personal and difficult to institutionalize. For me, it’s studying the inner-workings of the natural world and tapping into the universal symbols of the collective unconscious. When I engage at this level, I feel like I’m backstage watching the mechanics behind the show, supported by a crew and cast, buoyed by hard work, joint venture, and the laughter of the after-party.

We have so many tools for tapping into the Universe, the Divine, our God-selves. For years I had to wrangle my East-Coast-Intellectual-Snobbery as it attempted to put the kibosh on tarot and astrology, dream-weaving and journey work. But when I get truth-and-bones honest with myself, these visual tools are my best way in. When I ignore the Mystery, I ignore my true self. Click To Tweet

The part of me that longs to see the fine filaments of kinship running from myself to all things, giving meaning to this crazy thing called life, needs to be nurtured. She needs her time in the spotlight, not in competition with science but in addition to science. Making time for Mystery is not only making time for me, it’s making time to make life matter.

Remember: you are hard-wired for wonder.

If you knew that a meeting with Mystery was your key to health and happiness, that you were hard-wired for wonder and needed a daily fix, how would you get it?

I’ll let you in on a little not-so-secret secret… one of my favorite ways to remember the Mystery is to explore (and re-explore!) the history and power of the witch archetype. Though I don’t actually call myself a “witch,” I find this archetype to be full of wisdom, wonder, magic, and a bit of just what I need to help me transition from the light, airy season of summer to the dark, watery depths of autumn into winter.

If you’re longing to create a space for Mystery, then it’s time to invite your inner witch out of the closet. She’s got dust bunnies in her hair and she’s desperate for a cup of tea…

And really… aren’t you ready for a taste of starlight?

If you’re ready to create your own unique kind of magic, join me for Witch Camp. (We begin this October!)

Witch Camp

Big hugs—