Tomorrow we are launching a Joy Wave, a Joy-bilee, a Joy-a-thon.

We invite you to Envision 2013 with Joy.

This cyber-event has been in the works for weeks (as my e-zine readers know).

Still, in the face of the school shootings yesterday in Newtown, CT, I’ve had to ask myself Is this still appropriate?

My gut said yes.  My soul said it is even more important to connect deeply with joy and not to let fear and anger root into our hearts.  My mind took me back to another heart-breaking day, to 9/11:

I was teaching 4th grade at a small private school one hour north of New York City. We were outside, doing a science project. One of the boys, who knew everything about fighter jets at our nearby air force base, kept pointing out the planes going overhead and identifying them and saying how unusual it was for them to be out in force.

I was staring at that blue sky and the jet trails when one of the other teachers came out and whispered to me what had happened.  So that sky, that broad blue sky, is etched in my memory.

I worked in NYC for five years.  I had done a stint as a temp in Tower 2.  And, on the day the towers came down, I was living in a small town where many, including my roommate, commuted to Manhattan daily.  We were heartsick, we were grieving, and we read the death rolls looking for the names of friends and acquaintances.

As grief turned to anger, anger turned to fearful patriotism.  In my small town, we were hushed when we said This is a time for peace.  This is a time for harmony.  We have the world’s attention.  Let’s make it happen now.

And so, because of fear, because of not wanting to be labeled unpatriotic, it didn’t happen then.

Yesterday was another broad-blue-sky day.  My first thought was its enough to make you pray for rain.

My second thought was how can we make the days after this tragedy different from the days after 9/11?

2012 is ending and once again anger and grief and fear are infusing our national psyche.

I am older now and perhaps a little wiser than I was on 9/11/01.  I won’t be hushed again because I know that fear does not heal grief.  Fear does not mend a broken heart, in a person or a nation.

This time, my friends, let’s speak up.  Let’s build something bigger than fear.  Let’s build Joy.  Let’s usher in 2013 on a wave of happiness.  Let’s Envision 2013 with Joy.

Tonight (late) the first post will go up for our Joy-Fest.  It will give you action-steps, homework even, for shifting your heart and spirit.

Today, make room for grief.  Let it open your heart a little wider.

If you are feeling a bit shocked, take a little Five Flower Formula or Rescue Remedy (same thing, diferent companies).

Go for a walk.  Connect your feet to the earth.  Feel the wind against your check.

We have choices.  Let us think about how we raise our children, how we give them nourishment, and how we heal their wounds.  It is up to each and everyone of us to work toward changing the culture we have all helped to create.

We create the world to come, one thought, one action, one person at a time.

Take a moment now and think of one change you can make, one kindness you can offer, and then share it in the comments section on the Envision 2013 with Joy page here.

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