Gotcha Covered

Your Body Is Amazing!

  • Your blood journeys 60,000 miles each day
  • Nerve impulses clock 249 miles per hour
  • 72 muscles work together to create speech
  • Your heart beats 100,000 times per day
  • And you regenerate your liver every 6 weeks

Off the shelf wellness doesn't work.

Gluten-free, grain-based,  paleo, vegan. They each sound good, they each sound healthy, and they each have research to back them up. And you can't do all of them.

To know what's best for you, you have to start listening to your body.

Take ownership of yourself.

I'm not talking about going to the gym or going on a diet. I'm talking about being able to read the signals sent from your skin, your stomach, your self.

I'm talking about living embodied.


Start with this exercise:

Notice how you feel before you eat then notice how you feel after you eat.


Do this at every meal for a week.