I love the turn toward autumn, the feel of nature exhaling and energy grounding down, rooting in for the winter to come. If you’ve been feeling the uncertainty of change, it’s time to take a lesson from Mama Nature; it’s time to get grounded.

Roots not only keep you from toppling over, they keep you from top-spinning on your troubles. And when wackadoodle people or ideas come zinging at you like lightening, your roots serve as a grounding rod.

Grounding is daily work for me: before I open my mouth or whip out my pen, I ground and get clear… because my words have weight in the world.

My litmus test question: will what I’m saying or writing have integrity five years from now? Click To Tweet

If the answer is no, I hit delete. Because talking smack, venting frustration or anger thoughtlessly, or spinning yourself and other people out makes you part of the problem, not part of the solution. And I’m suspecting that you, like me, pretty desperately want to be part of the solution.

So let’s get you grounded. Let’s get you standing firm so you can ground whatever crazies are coming at you.

(If you’re dealing with the hurricane this weekend, these exercises will help you keep yourself together.)

Find Your Lineage

Last week I wrote about lineage. It’s soooo important to the grounding process. Why? Because when you feel yourself to be a thread in a tapestry, you have the support of the whole cloth. You’re never alone.

You don’t have to go off and study with a shaman or a 57th generation reiki master to claim a lineage.

You are already woven in.

You are already part of the fabric.

What you need to do is feel it. Start by thinking about the lineages you are already a part of: your family of origin; your family of choice; maybe you follow a religious path or a goddess or feel connected to a certain power animal. These are lineages—you are not the first person, not the last to have walked these pathways. Call on those who came before, even if you don’t know their names.

Maybe none of those resonate. That’s okay. Are you a child of the forest or the ocean? Do you have an intellectual lineage, like being a follower of the ancient philosophers or of quantum physicists?

Whatever it is that makes you feel connected, claim it, name it, and see yourself as a part of this greater whole.

Drop a Grounding Cord

I’ve done lots of visualizations through the years to get grounded; this one is by far the most effective.

  • Start by closing your eyes and breathing into your belly.
  • Then picture a dollop of warm copper (change the color if you wish—copper works for me!) dropping onto the top of your head.
  • This coppery warmth oozes downward through you (feel it?) coming out your tail bone and sinking into the earth.
  • Down down down it sinks until it hits the Earth’s molten core where it anchors in.
  • Feel yourself firmly anchored to the earth.
  • Breathe a few times, noticing how this feels.

Know Your Allies

Earth Medicine is primary in my grounding routines.

  • Sage on the soles of the feet (unless you’re epileptic).
  • A deep breath of Vetiver.
  • Veriditas Mental Clarity blend is like a dash of cold water in the face when I’m spinning.
  • A hot foot bath with lavender.
  • Being with a fluorite crystal (which helps in knowing “me” from “not me”) when I’m muddy-minded.

It’s time to get grounded, people. There’s work to be done and we’re gonna need strong roots to do it.

Big Hugs—

P. S. Calling our teachers, mentors, and community leaders.

Do you know all this but you forget to practice? Or you get too busy? Or you start top-spinning?

I hear you. And I’m here to help.

Ground Your Shit. Online. This Wednesday (and possibly more Wednesdays afterward) from 11:15-11:30 AM EST.

This is not OMing at the end of yoga class. This is calisthenics for your spirit. It’s the practice you’ve gotta do to get in shape to do your work in the world. I will most likely curse; don’t come if that’s gonna offend you. This is not a beginner “how-to” class, this is a fast-moving advanced exercise class. 15 minutes: get in, get it done, get clear. Boom. We will be practicing together: don’t expect me to light your brain on fire with something you’ve never heard before. Come ready to do your pull-ups… even if you’ve done them a zillion times before. Repetition builds the muscle.

11:15 AM EST. Yup, it’s the middle of the work day. This is my volunteer work, I get to do it on my time.

I can take 50 people. First come. Please don’t sign up if you’re not gonna show up.


* sage and flame
* your journal

Plan on 5-10 minutes post-webinar to make notes, write, or breathe.

Why teachers, mentors, and community leaders? Because I want to support the people who are out there supporting others. So we can ripple outward.

Join me here.