It happens like this:

You’re cruising through life, feeling groovy… then, all of a sudden, you’re not.

Sometimes it’s the littlest thing that lands you in a heap in the corner of the couch: a missed phone call, the market being out of your favorite ice cream.

Sometimes it’s months of putting your nose to the grindstone and… nothing… is… moving.

Since you are hanging out here, I’m guessing that you are like me: when your mojo goes on the fritz, you pull out the essential oils and flowers essences, B vitamins and Essential Fatty Acids.

And sometimes that works, but sometimes not so much.

It’s time to add another tool to your toolkit!

Writing: it’s one of my favorite tools to use with my clients and a daily doing in my own life.

Hear me out on this ‘cause I’m not talking about just journaling (although studies do show that it’s pretty useful).

Try one (or all three!) of these exercises and see how quickly you get your groove back:

1. Write and Burn:

Stalled in Angry or Sad or the Land of the Emotional Bottleneck?

Been on that hamster wheel and I can guarantee you that going ‘round in never-ending circles (and losing sleep) doesn’t do a dang thing to help you move through it.

Try this instead:

Write it all out.

Don’t read it.

Burn your paper with a bit of sage to clear the negative energy.

Picture your emotions swirling away from you on the smoke.

2. Writ Large:

You know how sometimes emotions can feel larger than life? Like they are bursting out of you and just need some space to breathe?

It’s time to give them some room.

Get yourself a roll of paper from an office supply store. (I often use tracing paper because it comes in a lightweight roll).

Tape it up with painters tape (the blue stuff that doesn’t ruin your paint) on a blank wall.

And write, draw, scribble… BIG.

Use your whole body, move with the writing.

Let it out!

3. Writing… Automatically

Imagine that it is five years in the future and this problem or stuck spot is in your past. Take a moment to connect to your fabulous future-self.

Write a prompt for yourself. Something like:

Hi (your name). Remember when X, Y, Z was happening? What did you do?

Then set a timer for 10 minutes.


Because somewhere around minute three your mind runs out of chatter.

You’ll want to stop writing.

But if you continue to move your pen across the page, you will get to a deeper place.

Write continually, without stopping to re-read, correct your grammar, make a complete sentence, or chew your pen.

You might feel like you don’t know what you will write next. That’s okay. Simply write through it.

If the timer goes off and you aren’t finished, keep writing until you feel complete.

Then sit back and see what you have told yourself.

Your turn! In the comments below, write to me about how you use writing.