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It’s been a season of eclipses.

Even if you don’t follow what’s going on in the heavens, you’ve probably noticed some disruptive energy in the past few months.

Folks who follow this stuff are not thrilled that Sunday is yet another eclipse.

But I’m kind of excited for this one. First off, just after sunset on the 27th, those of us in America & Europe will be able to witness the total eclipse of the moon (I know some of you are in Australia—I don’t think you’ll get to view this one, but I’m sure that you’ll be feeling the energy of it!).

It should be quite a show because this is a Supermoon, which means the Earth and Moon are close together— so we’ll get to watch a big, fat, full moon get slowly eaten by the darkness. This is the kind of thing that made our ancestors sacrifice sheep and virgins.

But here’s the second thing, the reason that I’m excited for this full moon eclipse:

This full moon is in Aries, which is a fiery, yang kinda sign.

BUT it is eclipsed, which means the Earth casts a shadow on the moon. The Earth, in all her grounded yin-ness, keeps this Aries moon from reflecting the very yang light of the sun.

While Aries is always about beginnings (it’s the first sign in the zodiac), this moon is going to have a very different vibe. Imagine a beginning that is about receiving or releasing instead of about doing, a beginning that reveals itself, instead of asking you to uncover or create it.

Imagine beginning by simply stepping into your yin and opening your arms and your heart.

My friends who follow astrology are raising their eyebrows at me.

But I’m standing by my interpretation. And it goes hand-in-hand with the study of the moon and its yin/yang faces that we will be exploring during November’s Witch Camp.

(If you want to join us, we’re having a little, very-early-bird sign-up op! Equinox through the Full Moon. You can sign up now for only $66. We’ll keep that price through Monday since the full moon energy extends a day on either side.)

But think about this now, since we are in the very rare energy of this full moon eclipse:

What becomes possible if you let go of your past and allow this to be a new beginning? If you open to receiving and start again in the most yin of ways?

Let me know in the comments!