Got a question for you:

How do you handle conflict?

It’s tough, right? None of us wants to get into it with someone else. It’s hard to both be “in-it” and wise at the same time. Wisdom is the forest, the disagreement is the trees.

This week I had to muck around in my psyche to figure out whether I was perpetuating a conflict because I needed to be right (ego alert!) or if I was making a principled stand that might help others avoid a similar mess in the future.

I have to admit, I have a Mama-Bear streak. If my clarity, honesty, and willingness to be a hard-ass can protect somebody else from being hurt, I’m there.

I know, I know, it’s ego to think that everybody else needs me to take care of them. But isn’t there a moral obligation to protect the public good?

For me, it’s like this: if I find a hidden hole on a path I am walking, then I need to either put up a sign to alert the next person or lay a board over the hole so others can cross safely. It’s an obligation I take on because I know I’ll feel like hell if someone steps in the hole and breaks an ankle.

So what essential oil have I been sniffing as I climb high enough to see the forest for the trees?


It cuts through the crap and uplifts all at the same time. On both a physical and energetic level, it clarifies and detoxifies, which is perfect for when you’re lost amongst life’s brambles.


How do you climb high enough to see the forest for the trees? Share with us below!