Maia Toll

What does inner strength have to do with Glinda the Good Witch (you know, from The Wizard of Oz)?

My friend Becca Clegg is about to tell you!

After taking my Which Witch Are You quiz, Becca sent me a link to this (fabulous) article and I just had to share it with all of you.

Ready to walk the yellow brick road?


Have you ever felt dissatisfied or unhappy and didn’t know quite what to do or how to change your situation?

Have you ever felt as though you couldn’t make a decision, or that there were a million different people living inside your head, and all of them want something different?

I may as well be asking you “by any chance, are you a human being?”, because this happens to every single one of us.

So—here we go—it’s metaphor time. You are about to take a trip to Oz.

In your life, you are Dorothy. Along your path, you get lost from time-to-time in situations that feel scary and unfamiliar. You just want to go “home.”

Think of “home” as a metaphor for your connection with your self.

As you go down the yellow brick road (which is life), you face some scary stuff (flying monkeys, anyone??).

You also aren’t alone.

You travel with a cast of characters, much like Dorothy, only they are in your mind.

We all have our own version of the Lion, The Scarecrow, and the Tin Man. We have our inner good witch and bad witch as well. In therapy, we get all fancy and these inner parts of your identity are called “ego states.”

We all have that part of our self that can be really frightened, and we also have the part that can be courageous (both parts of the Cowardly Lion). We all have our intellectual side and the part of us which becomes confused (both parts of the Scarecrow). We also have the Wicked Witch ego-state, which is commonly referred to as the “inner critic”: the voice in our head that torments and criticizes us.

Lastly, we have our Good Witch. This is the ego state that is connected to the divine and is there to support our highest good. And this is where I want to focus.

Because as adults we have the capacity to choose which “part” we want to feed. We can choose which voice we listen to and actively reinforce. We can choose to listen to the Good Witch, and let her advice and direction guide our journey.

At this point you are probably wondering: What about the wizard?

(I love this part of the metaphor!)

So… Dorothy is going down the yellow brick road of life thinking that there is this amazing wizard who has all the answers and if only she could find him he would fix everything and show her the way home.

Only, as we all know, when she finally finds this amazing wizard, it turns out that he’s really just some little short guy with no power and just a lot of smoke and mirrors.

This is the metaphor for thinking that the answer or the truth lies outside of ourselves.
Dorothy comes to realize, thanks to the wise words of her “Good Witch,” that she is the one who has the answer…

…and then all she had to do was tap her heel, get really clear on her intention, and she could go home.

She had what she was seeking all along.

Becca Clegg, Therapist + Coach + Speaker, is the creator of the 31-Day Self-Love Challenge, a (free!) 31day program designed to help you silence your inner-critic and rediscover your authentic relationship with yourself.