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I was just listening to a lecture by Alberto Villoldo, who was talking about our disconnect not only from nature, but from our own nature. A disconnect both without and within.

Over the years, as I have worked on my disconnect within, I’ve discovered an amazing thing:

Turning in has taught me to tune in.

What I mean by this is that as I healed my own disconnect from my body, I began to be able to read the world around me with greater clarity and accuracy. Whether you want to call it intuition or clairvoyance or my favorite, witchiness, I found I had it in spades and that my connection to these “powers” lived in my body and not my brain.

I spent a lot of my teenage years trying to make my brain affect the world around me: I would try to move paper with my mind or make a candle flame flicker.

I lived most of my life in the space between my ears.

It’s not surprising, really—I was an overweight and klutzy kid with little confidence, not only in how my body looked, but how it behaved. I had a trick ankle that would collapse at the slightest provocation and a partially paralyzed eye that was sometimes creepily out-of-sync with its neighbor.

So I moved upstairs, into my head space, and I stayed there through my mid-twenties.

During college I became more and more ungrounded (not surprising, right?). I lived only partially on this plane and sometimes would lose time—whole days that I couldn’t recall and would reconstruct from Starbuck’s receipts and the due dates stamped in the library books that I had checked out while I was checked out.

I can clearly remember times when I felt like sanity was a choice… and I was tempted to stop choosing it.

And then I got sick… and illness had me crashing back home into the uncomfortable thing that was my body. Suddenly my body—the material stuff of my being—became a part of me that I could no longer ignore if I wanted my mind to continue to function.

If you had told me then that learning to be embodied would become a spiritual path for me, I wouldn’t have bought it. My body was a tether and my soul yearned to be free.

Corny, but true.

But as I started to learn to care for and listen to my body, I discovered this amazing thing: my body (and yours!) knows all sorts of stuff. When I tuned in to the subtle sensory impulses that I had been feeling but filtering out, my intuition began to sharpen.

I began to be able to read myself and the world around me.

I became kind of witchy.

Talk to me:

How do you feel about your body?

Have you been living all up in your head?


Close your eyes.

Feel your heart.

Put your hand on it so you can feel the beating.

Now begin to imagine love coming at you. Pull the love in, feel your heart pulling tighter and tighter ’til it aches. Til you know that you have a heart, both energetic and physical.

Then release it, like a spring, so your heart opens wide and all that love shines forth.

You are both: body and soul.

Need a reminder? Put a little rose essential oil in your hair. Every time you move your head, the scent will waft over you. Use it as a reminder to center, ground, and connect with the beating of your heart.

Big hugs-