The Lunar Lab Podcast

The Lunar Lab Podcast

Ever listen to Car Talk on NPR?

Somehow the Car Talk guys make the nuts and bolts of automobile engines totally relatable and fun.

That’s our goal with The Lunar Lab Podcast.

If you need a little sisterhood, a dash of laughter, and a pinch of grit, join me and my business bestie Becca Piastrelli to get real about everything from keeping our businesses sacred and soluble to feeling fat in photoshoots.

We’ve been told listening makes work-outs more fun, commutes more bearable, and parenting easier (we haven’t figured that one out yet!).

My favorite episodes include:

Episode 9:

The Great Letting Go

Episode 16:

Breaking up with Normal

Episode 22:

Money as Initiation with Lola Medicine Keeper

Episode 29:

From Overwhelmed to Whelmed

What people are saying

Great Conversation!   5 Stars
By VeeHort – Jun 18, 2016

This podcast is like having your awesome, fun, smart girlfriends over to dish about life, business and anything else that comes up. LOVE IT and can’t wait for more!!!!

Perfection!   5 Stars
By CryingStarlet – Jul 19, 2016

This podcast is more than just for entrepreneurs! So many of the episodes speak to the nature of “how to human” on this cosmically wired Earth and can be related to your everyday tasks. As a brand new business owner who is still trying to refine my message and figure out what I am offering to the world, I have found so much cross-over between my newborn biz and just my everyday life. Love, love, love!

Authentic and from the heart!   5 Stars
By BetsyGuthrie – Aug 08, 2016

The dialogue does not sound scripted, but there is an underlying structure and very clear communication that comes clear after a few minutes. The personal stories of both Maia and Becca make each of these podcasts very powerful. I can see why both of these women have achieved the success they have so far – but also being humble and not hesitating to talk from the heart about their successes and failures. How refreshing!

Amazing podcast!   5 Stars
By YoyoStar – Sep 03, 2016

I look forward to every episode. I’m not even a business owner, but these two ladies keep me learning and entertained!

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