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Awards & Mentions

2018 Nautilus GOLD and Gold Foreword Indies Awards: TWO awards right out of the gate for The Illustrated Herbiary, both in the Body, Mind, & Spirit Practices category.

2019 Nautilus Silver Award: The Illustrated Bestiary wins a Nautilus Silver Award in the Body, Mind, & Spirit Practices category.

2022 Nautilus Silver Award: Maia Toll’s Wild Wisdom Companion wins a Nautilus Silver Award in the Gift & Specialty category.

Publishers Weekly: “In this fun exploration of magic… the author affects the voice of a compassionate professor. The result is a delightful program with magic to spare.”

Library Journal: “Toll’s previous titles have a dedicated fan base, and readers who love her other books will want to see this one as well.”

Forbes: “She’s like a real life Professor Sprout from Harry Potter.”

Mugglenet: “I would not be surprised to find The Illustrated Herbiary on the shelves of Flourish and Blotts as the required textbook for Herbology.”

Inc. Magazine: Maia and her shop, Herbiary, are featured.

National Geographic Travel: Maia interviewed about the magic of Asheville.

Fine Gardening: Maia is quoted: “A seed is kind of like a spaceship…”

PBS Special, Friday Arts: Click to 19:06 to hear Maia Toll talk “Flowers to Pharmacy” with PBS.

New York Times: Maia interviewed for an essential oils article and her Headache Helper recipe was featured.