Tuesday, March 3

Restless night with a detox headache.

Or a headache from eating steamed veggies with mung bean noodles, as my solid meal yesterday.

Why mung bean noodles? Because I’m not eating rice (it’s a grain) but I still wanted the the sensation of a starch. And mung beans are a bean, beans are not on the detox list, so it sort of made sense.

Until my stomach felt like it was full of buckshot and I got a side stitch behind my shoulder blade.

Clear, logical thinking goes out the window when I am cleansing. My brain focuses on food, on want, and blindsides me to the obvious. Like the (obvious) fact that mung bean noodles are a processed food and who the heck knows what’s in there.

I go through this every time I do a detox: I start eating weird things that I don’t normally eat in a attempt to replace the foods that I’m cutting out.

And it backfires. Every. Time.

There are some things I have down pat at this point, like:

  • Day #1 of a detox is always the hardest.
  • I’m a black tea junkie so, instead of cutting my black tea intake entirely, I reduce it by halves.
  • And, to get off to a good start, I have to trick my brain into liking a liquid breakfast on the first day.

This year’s super yummy first day smoothie flavor? Banana-chocolate.

That shut my brain right up!

Here’s the recipe:

  • Hemp milk (Tempt brand doesn’t have carrageenan, which is important for me)
  • a scoop of chocolate protein powder (I use a product called Alive! that has mixed greens and herbs as well as protein and, most importantly for me, it doesn’t have nightshades)
  • small handful of almonds*
  • banana
  • a spoonful of sunflower nut butter*

* Some people cut nuts while cleansing but my body does well with them, so I simply avoid the ones that can get funky (peanuts, cashews, and pistachios).

Blend and enjoy.

It’s ridiculously good: plenty of sweet, but no added sugar and no grains or dairy.

Notice that this is not a low-calorie breakfast: that’s because I am detoxing, not dieting.

The plan is simply to give my body a rest from a few tough-to-digest food groups. This isn’t how everyone detoxes but it is what works for me!

Andrew comes home this evening. By dinner time, it will be 24 hours of liquids only and I’m already looking forward to a light dinner. No weird foods and no mung beans.