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Monday, March 2

Sometimes I’ll make a pot of kitchari and munch happily on that all day.

Or I’ll simmer broth until the scent of parsley and thyme and chicken fat creeps into every room in the house. I won’t want anything else and will slurp soup for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

This week the Witch Campers and I are doing a little spring detox. Nothing extreme or hard core, just giving our digestion a rest by moving toward lighter foods and liquid nourishment.

Many cultures traditionally detox in late winter/early spring.

Studies show that a modified fast (i.e. cutting down as opposed to not eating at all) will have lasting benefits for the whole body including lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

For our modified fast, we are drinking dandelion tea (root & leaf) and cutting out one food or food group per day:

– Monday: sugar
– Tuesday: dairy
– Wednesday: wheat
– Thursday: eggs
– Friday: corn & soy
– Saturday: meat
– For those who feel called, Sunday is liquids only: bone broths and juices

Witch Campers who have never done a detox before are simply cutting out one food each day, while those who are more experienced cleansers are going cumulative.

Sounds easy, huh?

Um, no.

Andrew was out of town through Tuesday, so I decided to jump right into liquids only. Might as well get that done while he’s gone and I’m not tempted by someone else’s yummy, greasy sweet potato fries, right?

This is kind of like going from 0 to 60 MPH; it makes most cars and most humans sputter and roar.

But I figured it should be super simple: all I’m asking of myself is one solid meal and two meals of bone broth, something I do on occasion anyway. Basically eating the way I already like to eat… sometimes.

But today doesn’t seem to be one of those times. Today I am wanting *crunch*… and I have broth.

All day I watched my dogs steal bones from each other and thought about my primal relationship to food.

It’s not that I’m feeling particularly hungry, it’s more that I’m feeling particularly denied.

I hop over to the Witch Camp chat room: one woman is laughing about how she never eats sugar, but since we have eliminated it today she is desperately craving sweets and salivating over candy in the grocery store.

Wanting what we don’t have, only because we don’t have it.

I watch Nyssa steal Finn’s bone.


Share your detox stories in the comments below and I will share more of mine tomorrow.



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